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Top Universities In Australia

Choosing the right Australian university to study your masters degree at is as an important decision as choosing which course to study and the wrong choice can have a serious impact on your success in your postgraduate studies. 

There are plenty of top universities in Australia for you to choose from, all with a good amount of undergraduate and
postgraduate students.

Here is the breakdown of undergraduate and postgraduate students at the top universities in Australia.

Top universities in Australia

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Find a postgraduate program in AUSTRALIA

Top Universities in AustraliaiIf you are considering undertaking your postgraduate studies in Australia we’ve got the lowdown on things that you need to consider to help you make the right choice.

Narrowing Down Your Search

First things first, how do you narrow down your search for a top university in Australia?

The two main considerations that you will probably have to bear in mind are:

A. Location

There are a number of issues to consider when choosing a university in Australia. To begin with, think about your location. Universities in Australia are big and many students choose to stay a little closer to home even at the postgraduate level. Also, as the country is so vast there is a different climate from territory to territory – so you should make sure you opt for a climate that you’re comfortable with.

B. Rankings

Another element to consider is the ranking of the top universities in Australia, ensuring that you consider the methodology of the list along with the ranking to get the right impression of a university. The QS World Rankings are a popular way of checking a university's international standing as is the information provided by the Australian Government's Excellence in Research Australia reports. Universities in Australia are required to report on employment rates of their graduates along with lots of other information about the breakdown of their current students, so check an institution's own annual reports as well. 

Delve A Bit Deeper

Once you have done your initial research – you then need to explore what else is on offer for you at the universities on your shortlist to help you make your choice.

Find Out More

Campus visits are the best way to find out about a university, however, for many students both domestic and international, this is not practical – especially in a country as vast as Australia. If campus visits are not an option you can read through the information available online and the prospectus that the university produces, as these will give you an impression of what studying there might be like. Also, if you are unable to visit the campus, then try to connect with alumni either in person or through social media to get a better impression of the institution form a personal perspective. 

Check The Network

Most universities in Australia are part of at least one network of institutions. Looking up which network the university you are considering is part of will guide you as to the emphasis of the university. The Group of Eight concentrates on research and innovation with a large variety of subjects and are mostly very well regarded internationally. Some of the other national networks include the Innovative Research Universities, the Regional Universities Network, and Australian Technology Network of Universities and there are international networks that provide exchange opportunities such as the Association of Pacific Rim Universities

Explore The Postgraduate Course 

As part of your research about the postgraduate course you're interested in and the career it will lead to, you ideally will need to network with people already in that career path. Hopefully at this stage you will have gained some work experience in the area you are planning on pursuing or you already work in the field, and this means you can speak to colleagues or contacts to find out if the course is a good one for your career aims. You can also read through industry publications and websites to see what is reported about different universities and courses you are considering – and whether they are a good option for your chosen field of study. 

Investigate Extracurricular Options 

To study at the optimum level – you must also make sure you have time to recharge outside of your studies. Relaxation is important – especially at the postgraduate level – so you must find out about what you can do at your Australian university when you're not studying. If you are able to go on a campus visit, make sure you visit the student societies, clubs and facilities. If you are researching online take a look at the university’s social media pages for students to see what’s on offer during your downtime. This is a great way to get a feeling about what the campus is like when students are not studying. 

Find a postgraduate program in AUSTRALIA

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