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Student Visa Australia

Student Visa AustraliaIf you are coming to Australia to study your PG program as an international student you are most likely to require
a student visa for the duration of your stay.

Australian immigration law can change very quickly, so it is best to check directly with the Australian Government's Department of Home Affairs to find out what the current restrictions are when you are on the verge of applying for your PG course.

Students from New Zealand are exempt from requiring a visa to study in Australia. 

How To Apply For A Student Visa Australia

Applications for an Australia Student Visa are completed online. This is through the Australian Government's online system with the Department of Home Affairs. Unless you qualify for an exemption from the fee it costs from AUD$575 – and this is paid at the time of application. The Australian Government will not consider your student visa application until the application fee has been paid. 

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When To Apply For A Student Visa Australia 

The Australian Government advises that international postgraduate students wishing to study a masters in Australia should apply for their student visa at least six weeks in advance of the start of their postgraduate course. Processing times can vary significantly with applications taking anywhere between three and 65 days to process. Because of these processing times, you should apply for your student visa Australia as soon as you are able to. 

Application Procedure 

Once you have accepted your place on a postgraduate course in Australia you must then apply for your student visa. If you are an international student who is already in Australia, then you can apply from within the country. Gather all of the necessary documentation and create an account on the Australian Government's online immigration system. Next, you should, if necessary, get a health check and medical certificate, especially if you come from a TB risk area. Once you have uploaded all of your documents then you must pay the fee. If you are accompanying a spouse or parent to Australia and plan to study at the postgraduate level while you are there, then your application should be made at the same time as the rest of your family. 

Necessary Documentation 

The necessary documents vary will depend on your nationality and the postgraduate course that you are studying. Generally, you need to show proof of your identity, ability to support yourself with funding for your course and living expenses, proof that you only intend to stay in Australia temporarily, your medical certificate, a health insurance certificate, and evidence that you are accepted onto a postgraduate course. Students who have dependents must prove that they can support both themselves and their dependents for the duration of their course. If English is not your first language or you do not come from one of the countries recognised as English speaking by the Australian Government, then you must complete an English language test and provide this as one of the documents. However, you will have already done this test to gain entry to your postgraduate course in Australia, so you just need to submit the certificate. It is best to double check with the Department of Home Affairs for the documents you need as they can change. 

Documentation Checklist


Course Acceptance Letter

Medical Certificate

Proof of Funding

Heath Insurance

English Language Proficiency


Work Restrictions On A Student Visa Australia

International postgraduate students who require a student visa can only study on a full-time basis. You are able to work in paid employment for 40 hours in any fortnight during term time and you can work for an unlimited number of hours out of term time. Postgraduate research students are able to work for as many hours as they wish in paid employment. Unpaid or voluntary work does not have a limit to it, but you should carefully consider the impact to your studies if you plan to work and study full-time. 

Student Visa Australia Application Success Rates

Here is the total number of student visas applied for and granted by year in Australia over the last few years.

Student Visa Australia

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