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Posted Nov. 17, 2015

Top 10 Things To Do If You’re A Postgrad In London

London Blog

Fresh Student LivingWelcome to London, perhaps the best city to be a postgrad in the world. World class universities and schools sit on its streets close to cultural centres, legendary landmarks and some of the world’s best (if occasionally overpriced) bars, clubs and restaurants. With this much choice, however, it can be difficult to know where to start. With that in mind, let us take you through 10 steps to becoming a true London student, moving through the city with ease.

1. Embrace your inner tourist The time will come when you will become jaded with London tourists, and will roll your eyes every time you see the gigantic queue outside of Madam Tussauds. Before that time comes, however, discover some of the city’s fascinating buildings and monuments.

2. Find out where to go London has some pretty great nightlife, but its best clubs and bars are not necessarily where you think they are, and they are definitely not where Freshers’ ticket sellers want you to think they are. Ask around, but as a general guide, anything on the Overground (Shoreditch, Dalston, Camden, etc) will be far better (and probably far cheaper) than anything right in the centre.

3. Find out where not to go Equally, finding out the worst places to go out will save you from a lot of terrible evenings of sticky floors, obnoxious bankers and Pitbull songs. London newbies will want to take you to the West End clubs, but you will already know that they are sweaty, overpriced hellholes that make the provincial town nightclubs you’re used to look like Berlin.

4. Get up high The best way to see London is from above and at night. If you can afford the small fortune that is the viewing platform of the Shard or the London Eye, both have a lot to recommend them, but similarly stunning views can be seen on the cheap from The Monument (£3) or Primrose Hill (free).

5. Eat everything… …Especially if you are an international student. British food has a (partially deserved) reputation for being terrible, all overcooked mush and carbohydrates en masse. London bucks this trend, however, with culinary delights for every occasion, from Michelin star dining to international food trucks that will be a godsend after your nights doing number two on this list… 6. Dive into some culture What makes London pretty much unique as a student city in the UK is its abundance of culture. Sure, other cities have great theatre, great gigs and great exhibitions, but no other city has so many of all three and much more. Chances are if you have read about something, it is either on its way to London or is already there!

7. Find a green getaway Despite being known as The Big Smoke, London actually has huge areas of green space, offering great places to work in the sunshine and/or escape from the confines of the city and your course. These spaces also often have something else on offer too, for example, Regent’s Park has a zoo, Victoria Parka boating lake, Richmond Park has hundreds of deer, and so forth.

8. Cross Waterloo Bridge Perhaps the simplest and greatest pleasure a new Londoner can have is simply walking across Waterloo Bridge. From there, you can see all of London’s landmarks spread out on either side of you, and the realisation will hit that you know live in one of the world’s greatest cities. Just do not stop to take a selfie. After all, you are not a tourist any more…

9. Explore a market Sure, you could go to a supermarket or shopping mall to get food and furniture, but what is the fun in that? Instead, take a trip to one of London’s many varied markets. From vintage clothes at Brick Lane to fish at Billingsgate, you never know what you will find.

10. Get some work done! In some ways, London is a really terrible city to be a postgrad in. With so much to see and do all of the time whatever your interests, it can feel almost impossible to find some quiet time to get any study or revision done. Take a moment in one of London’s amazing libraries and crack open the books. London will still be waiting for you when you are done.

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