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Guide To Postgraduate Study In Bournemouth


Students In BournemouthBournemouth is a creative and inspirational place to live and the ideal place to study your postgraduate program. Based on the south coast and close to the town of Poole, students come from all over the UK and beyond to experience an excellent postgraduate education in Bournemouth.

Well linked

Set in the south of England on the coast in Dorset, Bournemouth is about two hours from London's major airports and has efficient road and rail links to make this journey easy. Most students travel around Bournemouth on the cost-effective bus system and use the popular train routes to get further afield.

Beautiful beaches

This attractive Victorian spa town has been thriving since the 19th century and the lovely beaches and lively nightlife are still a big draw for tourists.

Jurassic coast

As the name suggests, it’s a wonderful area to hunt for fossils and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Exploring the Dorset countryside with its moorland or heading out to the New Forest is another brilliant way to clear your mind and escape your studies.

Thriving industries

There are significant creative industries, a thriving tourism industry and a large financial industry all based in Bournemouth. This all adds up to excellent networking and career prospects both during and after your postgrad program.

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Postgraduate study in Bournemouth

Students in Bournemouth – facts & figures

The coastal town of Bournemouth has a healthy student population being home to two well-respected universities as well as sixth forms and an undergraduate college.

Excluding the students attending Bournemouth & Poole College – because these are predominantly sixth form and pre-university level students – there are around 24,000 students studying and living in Bournemouth, and of these students approximately 3,500 are postgraduate students with the remaining being undergraduate students. If you include the Bournemouth and Poole College students, there are over 34,000 students living and studying in Bournemouth.

Living the high life in Bournemouth

FreshThere is a great choice of accommodation for postgraduate students living in Bournemouth. Both universities offer accommodation on or near to their main campuses, and there is also a great selection of options from private suppliers.

Excellent private halls of residence-style accommodation is supplied by companies such as Fresh, who offer great privately owned accommodation options. Fresh has accommodation in the centre of Bournemouth offering a choice of options from the more traditional halls of residence to studio flats, all in a bright and modern style. This accommodation is also a brilliant way to meet students outside of your course or institution as it’s available to all students.

Postgraduate students live all over Bournemouth, especially in the centre nearby to the two university campuses. When renting privately, many students live in the areas of Winton, Ensbury Park and Charminster.

Student case studyStudent case study

Vidyut has recently completed an MA in Broadcast and Film Management at Bournemouth University. He felt that the large number of international students and people from different backgrounds in Bournemouth made him feel welcome and at ease.

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Bournemouth University

Bournemouth UniversityBournemouth University has a student population of 19,000 students and of these around 2,600 are international students.

Approximately 16% of the students at Bournemouth University are postgraduate students, which means there is a postgraduate student population of around 3,040.

There are over 105 subjects available to study at Bournemouth University, these are offered as full-time, part-time and online options, depending on the subject.

Tuition fees & costs

Home postgraduate tuition fees at Bournemouth University for September 2023 entry are:

  • Taught masters – £8,000­–£12,000 for full-time study for qualifications such as MA, MSc and LLM.
  • MBA program – £13,750
  • Optional placement (additional fee to above) – £1,850.

International postgraduate tuition fees at Bournemouth University for September 2023 entry are:

  • Taught masters – £12,500–£16,500 for full-time study, for qualifications such as MA, MSc and LLM.
  • MBA program – £16,250
  • Optional placement (additional fee to above) – £1,850.

Facilities & specialisms

The departments at Bournemouth University are:

  • Faculty of Health & Socials Sciences
  • Faculty of Media & Communication
  • Faculty of Science & Technology
  • Bournemouth University Business School

Student life

The main campuses are based in and around the centre of Bournemouth and have a lively atmosphere with an active Students’ Union.

Famous alumni

MPs David Amess and Angela Browning, football commentators Gary Taphouse and Dan O'Hagan, and children's author Carl Ashmore are all alumni.

Fascinating facts about Bournemouth University

  • It was established in 1942 as Bournemouth Municipal College.
  • Journalist Kate Adie is the current Chancellor.
  • The College of Arms granted an official Coat of Arms to the university in 1992.
  • It gained university status in 1992.

Arts University Bournemouth

Arts University BournemouthThere are approximately 3,385 students at Arts University Bournemouth, and of these around 5% are postgraduate students, which is approximately 170 students.

There are currently 15 subjects available to study at Arts University Bournemouth, and these can be studied full time, part time and online, depending on the subject.

Tuition fees & costs

The tuition fees for postgraduate courses at Arts University Bournemouth are as follows.

Home postgraduate tuition fees at Arts University Bournemouth for 2022/2023 entry:

  • Full-time masters study – £8,000
  • Part-time masters study – £4,000 per year
  • MArch Architecture applicants – £9,250

Channel Island and Isle of Man postgraduate tuition fees at Arts University Bournemouth for 2022/2023 entry:

  • Full-time masters study – £18,500
  • Part-time masters study – £9,250 per year
  • MArch Architecture applicants – £9,250

International/EU postgraduate tuition fees at Arts University Bournemouth for 2022/2023 entry:

  • Full-time masters study – £18,500
  • Part-time masters study – £9,250 per year
  • MArch Architecture applicants – £18,500

Facilities & specialisms

Arts University Bournemouth is a specialist arts university offering a selection of art-, media- and design-based masters degrees including, MA Illustration, MA in Film Practice, MA in Fine Art ad MA in Historical Costume.

Student life

This design-centric campus is a stylish place to study, and you will find plenty of creative extra-curricular activities to do in your spare time. Students are also able to join any of the clubs and societies at the nearby Bournemouth University.

Famous alumni

The screenwriter and editor of the Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire – Simon Beaufoy and Chris Dickens – are both alumni.

Fascinating facts about Arts University Bournemouth

  • It was established in 1880
  • Its Students’ Union building, CRAB Drawing Studio, and the North Building Extension were shortlisted for a 2016 RIBA South West Awards
  • Gained university status in 2012
  • The Refectory won 'Breakfast of the Year' in 2018

Bournemouth & Poole College

Bournemouth & Poole College has 11,000 students mostly studying at the sixth form and pre-university level. Students can study towards an undergraduate degree, but it does not currently offer postgraduate qualifications. Established in 1913 Bournemouth and Poole College has multiple sites across the two towns and the wider region of Dorset.

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Things to do when you’re a postgrad in Bournemouth

Here is our pick of the best activities to do in this stunning seaside spot when you’re not studying.

Postgraduate study in BournemouthThe beach – let’s be honest, it’s probably the main reason to study in Bournemouth. With a beach that boasts seven miles of golden sand, it’s perfect for getting a break from uni work in the glorious British summer!

Surfing and water sports – if you’re the kind of student who is drawn to the coast, you are probably looking for somewhere good to surf, dive or partake in any other activities involving water and a board and/or flippers. After installing an artificial surf reef in 2011, Bournemouth now gets double the number of good surf days, as well as offering options for diving and kite/wind surfing.

The Balloon – every city has that one cheesy tourist attraction that, though you may roll your eyes at it, everyone needs to go on at least once. In Bournemouth it’s a tethered hot air balloon, perfect for getting a balloons-eye view of the city and its surrounding Jurassic coast. Speaking of which…

The coastline – one of the UK’s most beautiful sights, Bournemouth’s section of the Jurassic coast has been 180 million years in the making. Rent a bike and make a day of it (being very careful – the area is known for its sudden erosion) or take a walk if you want to get away from it all.

Nightlife ­– Bournemouth is a happy medium when it comes to clubbing and nightlife. There are enough clubs that you don’t have to go to the same place every weekend, but not too many that you won’t bump into your friends on a night out. The clubs have special students night with reduced or free entry and cheap drinks.

Poole – although it is Bournemouth University by name, the largest campus (Talbot) is actually in nearby Poole. If you are going to be a student there, you’ll be pleased to know Poole has plenty of its own attractions, activities and, perhaps most importantly of all, its own beaches and water sports. Plus, it’s only 15 minutes away from Bournemouth by train.

Shopping – Bournemouth’s main shopping quarter is pedestrianised, making it perfect for some aimless window-shopping in a combination of high-street stores and local boutiques. Plus, The Square complex has lovely al fresco seating with beach views, and for coffees and people watching it’s an ideal location.

Russell-Cotes Museum – being on the beach in the sunshine is all well and good, but when the sun isn’t shining you could do a lot worse than taking in some culture at Bournemouth’s main museum and art gallery – the Russell-Cotes – which is set amongst a beautiful house and gardens.

Studland – Bournemouth’s beaches: so good we mentioned them twice. A ferry ride away is Studland, a National Trust-owned expanse of beaches slightly off the beaten track for when you do not fancy battling the crowds. It also has a nudist beach if you feel brave enough to brave English weather in nothing but a smile….

Fresh is one of many potential private accommodation options for international postgraduate students. Other private student accommodation options are available and advises you to research all your options thoroughly before making such a commitment. Postgrad Solutions accepts no responsibility for your choice of student accommodation and does not endorse or support Fresh. Fresh Student Living Ltd is registered in England and Wales under company number 07268209. The VAT number is 142920528.


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