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Posted Jan. 11, 2021

How can social media help your PG studies?

Social Media & PG StudiesSocial media is a powerful tool, and in the hands of the right postgraduate student, it can make a real impact on your future career plans.

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In this blog we’re going to take at look at some of the ways that social media can help with your postgraduate studies.


Social media is a great aid to networking. Most postgraduate courses will have a social media page or group and you should be a member of these groups as this could help you find out about other related academic groups. This way you can contact other students and researchers who have similar interests to you as you discuss topics online. Follow up in-person networking events by reaching out on social media immediately after you have met. It will remind them of your meeting and allow you an easy way to contact them in the future.

Publicising research

If you are planning a career in academia, then you will need to publish your research work in academic journals. It's best to start doing this as early as you can, and bear in mid that getting it published will require the help of your lecturers and tutors. Once your research is published there is more work to be done, as you need to promote your work so that people will discover it and read it. Social media is an incredibly useful way of doing this, but academic journals are not quite as modern, so it takes a little bit of knowledge to know how to do. Some universities such as the University of Sheffield, are running courses for their academic staff and postgraduate researchers to learn how to promote their work online.


If you are unfamiliar with the promotion of online events and in-person events online, then you should have a look at a short training course. It's an excellent way to gain an understanding of numbers, by those who accept the event and will allow you a degree of control that is not possible with physical invitations. In addition to this, the social media platform that you use can be used to send out your invitees and attendees reminders. This is also good for you if you are attending an event either in-person or online as the online or free events are particularly easy to forget about and social media can be there to provide a gentle reminder.

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Postgraduate student blogs

For those postgraduate students who are planning a career in the media, then getting involved with the student newspaper is a long-standing tradition. Almost all universities will have blogs for and about their current students and you should get involved. If you have had your blog published then make sure also promote it on social media. This could be considered as important as promoting published research material.

Researching a potential course & university

Before you apply for your postgraduate course, social media can help you find out what other students have thought about the course. It will also help you understand what life on the campus is like or how the online learning environment operates. Use social media to see what people are saying about the university and also to chat with current students to find out if they would recommend the course.

What social media platform should you use?

Planning on turning to social media to help with your postgraduate studies? Here is where students look for specific information about a university or course:

Social Media and postgraduate study

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