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Posted March 31, 2021

Make the most out of the Easter break as a postgraduate student

PG student Easter breakHolidays and breaks from university are crucial to help you unwind from the long terms and help you strategise your coursework.

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The Easter break lasts a few weeks and as a postgraduate student, you can really make the most out of this time. With postgraduate exams often looming after the holiday, students may find this time invaluable for revision, although it may be difficult to concentrate on studies with all the distractions at home. However, it is important to stay motivated and productive by revising whenever possible.

Here are some tips to help you stay focused with your postgraduate coursework while still enjoying your time off over the Easter holidays

1. Catch up on PG reading

Although holidays are meant for relaxation you do still need to keep up with your studies. There may be lots of distractions coming from friends, family and home comforts but you can stay productive by catching up on your postgraduate reading.

2. Timetable your coursework

Give yourself allocated days to study and to do this most efficiently it’s a good idea to make a timetable. Holidays should ideally have more relaxation time than studying time, and by designating some time to study and following through with your routine, you will have adequate time to study while still spending quality time with family and friends.

3. Revise for exams

Postgraduate exams usually come shortly after the Easter holidays and postgraduate students can balance exams revision with enjoying their holiday. Create a suitable revision timetable so you can revise what you don’t know, but be careful not to wear yourself out.

4. Relax with friends & family

Taking time off to relax with your loved ones should be a major focus of the holiday. With the Coronavirus Pandemic causing major repercussions on the normal lives of people, it is advisable to avoid unnecessary travelling and participating in activities that may put you at great risk of contracting the virus. However meeting people outside for picnics and walks is great fun, so make the most out of any sunny days and meet friends and family in the park or a garden.

5. Think about the future

Ideally you should have a plan of action for the time you complete your postgraduate studies. It’s a good idea to use the Easter holiday to visualise your next stage in life and try and think about how you can achieve it. Where are you aspiring to work? Will you be starting a business? Are you going to pursue research and doctoral programs?

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6. Focus on wellbeing & health

These are uncertain times and it is no doubt that some postgraduate students are having a hard time adjusting. Mental health stability is crucial to your wellbeing and you should take care of yourself in any way possible. Take part in activities that cheer you up and be sure to talk to someone you trust about any challenges you might be facing.

7. Consider volunteering

If you’re up to date with your PG studies you could use the Easter break to take time off from commitments and routines to make a positive impact in the world and do some volunteering. As a postgraduate student voluntary work will enable you to engage in new experiences, help you meet new people and above all, make you feel good, which may eventually help you increase your productivity. It could also provide you with invaluable work experience and help you decide what you want to do in the next stage of your life once your postgraduate studies are finished.

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