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Category – Study in UK - 2015

Posted Nov. 27, 2015

Can you do a masters if you got a 2:2 or a 3rd in your bachelors?

How to get into a postgraduate degree if you got a 2:2 or a 3rd in your undergraduate? You should consider taking a year out, but not all is lost.

Posted Nov. 23, 2015

Celebrate A Student Thanksgiving While Away From The USA

Are you an American postgraduate student feeling particularly homesick around Thanksgiving? Here's how to celebrate while you're away.

Posted Nov. 17, 2015

Top 10 Things To Do If You’re A Postgrad In London

Welcome to London, perhaps the best city to be a postgrad in the world. World class universities and schools sit on its streets close to cultural centres, legendary landmarks and …

Posted Nov. 9, 2015

Why An MBA Is Worth The Financial Investment

If you're trying to decide whether or not it is worthwhile embarking on a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree, then the short answer is yes. It may be the …

Posted Oct. 22, 2015

Spooky Tips for a Postgrad Halloween

The two times in your life that you get to fully enjoy Halloween are childhood and as a student, so get ready for the scariest night of your life!

Posted Oct. 12, 2015

5 academic things to do in your first term

The first year of your postgraduate studies is likely to be unforgettable. Here are some bucket list ideas for your first academic year.

Posted Sept. 21, 2015

What Clubs & Societies Should You Join As A Postgrad

By joining a few societies you may find yourself doing something that you have a real passion for, and can see yourself wanting to do everyday. Lets look at what …

Posted Sept. 15, 2015

Back to School… An introduction to being a postgrad

Are you worried that going back to uni after completing your undergraduate degree is not going to be easy? Iron out the creases with our advice.

Posted Sept. 8, 2015

5 Moments Every Postgrad Student Knows

Whilst at university, be prepared to encounter the 5 following student experiences that every postgrad has lived at least once...

Posted Sept. 1, 2015

5 Ways to Adjust to Life as a Postgrad Student

Do you fear that life as a postgraduate student won't be so exciting as it was when you did your undergrad? Here are 5 ways to adjust to the change.

Posted July 27, 2015

Deep Clean Your Student Renting Deposit Back!

Are you about to leave your student accommodation, and it needs a deep clean in order for you to get back your deposit? Here are some handy tips.

Posted July 6, 2015

Student City Guide: Swansea

Let's take a look at Swansea and just what it's like to live and study there as a postgrad student.

Posted June 8, 2015

Spotlight on: Postgrad Study in Veterinary Sciences

There are a multitude of specialist areas within the veterinary profession and ones that can be explored through a variety of postgraduate courses available across the UK. More

Posted April 27, 2015

Student City Guide: Newcastle

Newcastle is one of the popular choices for students studying postgraduate courses. With over 50,000 students living in the city, it is pretty important to scheme for students here. It …

Posted April 16, 2015

Spotlight on: Postgrad Study in Architecture

Architecture postgraduate degrees are centred around practical, hands-on projects designed to help students think about solutions to specific design problems in a number of different scenarios. Here is your guide …

Posted April 8, 2015

Student City Guide: Plymouth

Find out how Plymouth can offer a great deal if you wish to study a postgraduate course in an affordable place with plenty of opportunities.

Posted April 1, 2015

Spotlight On: Postgrad Study in Botany

Are you interested in postgraduate study in Botany? If the answer is yes then read on as we have the lowdown

Posted March 13, 2015

Student City Guide: Birmingham

Here's our postgraduate student guide to living in Birmingham...

Posted Feb. 12, 2015

Finding Student Accommodation in Liverpool

Are you about to start your postgraduate degree in Liverpool, and are currently searching for good accommodation? We take a look at your options.

Posted Jan. 26, 2015

Student City Guide: Lincoln

The pretty and historic Cathedral city of Lincoln in home to two universities, the University of Lincoln and Bishop Grosseteste University. More...

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