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Posted May 7, 2014

Fields With A Bright Future For Postgrads

A more educated populace has unfortunately diluted the value of a degree, as simply being a university graduate is no longer sufficient to find a well-paid job. How you will …

Posted June 28, 2013

More MBA Graduates Being Lured in by Public Sector Jobs

An MBA is one of the most popular masters degree courses available, and interest in the course is always extremely high as the key skills learned are adaptable to a …

Posted May 2, 2013

Reap the Rewards of a Business Masters Degree

A business masters degree is one of the fastest growing postgraduate courses in the world, showing a 73% rise in management masters courses, 78% rise in marketing and communications, and …

Posted April 29, 2013

The Rising Number of Women Enrolling on MBA Courses

Traditionally women have made up around 32% of students enrolling onto MBA courses, but this year there has been a dramatic increase in this number, with some universities such as …

Posted March 18, 2013

Understanding the MBA Degree

An MBA (Master in Business Administration) degree is one of the most prestigious qualifications in the world, and is a huge boost to anyone’s CV. Explore reasons why you should …

Posted Dec. 11, 2012

5 Postgraduate Degrees That Will Make You Rich

Postgraduates can expect to bring home a salary that is nearly 25% greater than those with just a bachelors degree. If you've been wondering what the highest paying careers in …

Posted Feb. 14, 2012

FT rankings reveal drop in MBA students

In 2012 the Financial Times published somewhat shocking news about the popularity of UK business schools. Their report revealed that the number of students applying to MBA programs in the …

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