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Posted May 2, 2013

Reap the Rewards of a Business Masters Degree

A business masters degree is one of the fastest growing postgraduate courses in the world, showing a 73% rise in management masters courses, 78% rise in marketing and communications, and 69% rise in IT management according to a survey completed by the Graduate Management Admissions Council. This is because there is widespread recognition of the market value of having an MSc on a CV as well as the numerous other benefits that arise from completing the course. Although many people are deterred from enrolling in a master’s degree due to the high course costs, those who do take on the financial burden are reaping the rewards of doing so almost immediately after graduating as they are accessing highly paid jobs and starting their own business ventures.

Skills for Jumping Ahead

An MSc in business is a very technical course which allows students to hone in on areas of expertise so that they will have industry specific skills to use in the workplace. This differs a little from the MBA course which is a much broader qualification which allows students to develop skills that are transferrable to just about any industry. Both courses are extremely beneficial, and whilst an MBA allows students to enter positions in a range of industries, an MSc is designed to allow students to become industry specialists. Either way, having a master’s in business is equivalent to numerous years’ worth of in-job experience to potential employers. This means that graduates applying for positions may be favoured above those who have copious work experience as employers recognize the high level of skill and knowledge gained during the acquisition of their master’s degree. Ambitious people at the start of their career may wish to study for their business master’s in order to jump ahead on the career ladder.

MSc courses are designed to give students a host of management and practical industry specific skills such as effective team working, analytical and critical thinking, time management, presentations and communications, all of which enable them to excel in numerous high-level jobs positions. These skills are learned and practiced using case study analysis, and real life workplace partnerships that give students the opportunity to gain confidence and a working knowledge.

A Worthy Investment

The best advice for anyone looking to kick start their career with a business master’s degree is to seek out the course that best suits your intended career path, and then to ensure that you are utilizing all of the materials, facilities, and contacts available to you during your studies to ensure that you are proactive in moving forward once you graduate. Many people are lucky enough to meet contacts and employers through the course, who end up offering them a position once they finish their course. A master’s degree may be a huge investment, but it will more than pay for itself over time.

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