Fabulous or frivolous? The pros and cons to postgrad study in London

Is the fabulous life in London just made for you? Or do you look at the expense and attitude that London is the centre of the universe and think no thank you? And don't forget that if you do opt to do your postgrad studies in London and you need some fantastic student accommodation whilst you're studying then Fresh Student Living has a great selection or purpose-built flats which are safe, secure, modern, reasonably priced and well located. Find out more.

Lovely London

London has one of the largest student populations in the world with over 45 universities and institutions being based in the capital city. This means there is a large range of courses to choose from and this makes London a great place to base yourself. Add to this the ease of finding part-time work when you are studying and easy access to travel around the world or to any part of the UK, anyone can see the massive upsides. And of course it doesn’t need to be explained that the London nightlife is amongst the best in the world! The live music and theatre scenes are amazing, and you will have access to the world's most prestigious museums, art galleries and libraries… Why would anyone want to live anywhere else? You would be right to think that the world revolves around London and that London reflects the world.

London's Downsides

However there is a downside to living in London. The fashionistas walking down the streets could make you feel inadequate and unstylish. When TFL (Transport For London) is striking you could forgiven for wishing you had chosen to live anywhere else, and your bank balance might wish you had chosen somewhere else as well. If you are a big fan of universities sporting teams or enjoy more affordable housing, London living may not be for you. Plus, with the amazing pub and club scene, music scene, theatres and the millions of other things to keep you entertained – you still need to find time to study and the gnawing sense that you are missing out when it’s time to knuckle down and get on with your studies will be is nigh on impossible, for all but the most studious.

London is fabulous and a great choice to live and study in. You should be able to find the perfect postgraduate course, great friends, and all manner of enjoyable activities to do. But, it's not for everyone. Searching for the right university is as important as the course, and if you can't ignore the temptation of an amazing night out, then it might be worth considering pick somewhere with a bit less going on.

Pros to the fabulous life in London:

  • Number 1 student city in the world
  • 45 universities to choose from
  • Work opportunities
  • East travel to other great destinations
  • Culture, art galleries, museums and libraries
  • Live music scene and theatres

Cons to the frivolous life in London:

  • Not the relaxed experience of other college towns
  • Pricey transport
  • Competition from other graduates
  • Lack of university sporting facilities
  • Expensive student housing
  • Campuses can be impersonal
  • FOMO

So now we've summarised that pros and cons to London living, what's your choice going to be?

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