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Top 5 Reasons To Study Postgraduate Law In The US

US Law Top 5People who choose to study abroad can gain a wealth of useful experiences to draw upon for the future. These can be detailed on their CV, elaborated upon at an interview or used to solve a problem whilst working. If you are a graduate who is considering whether to extend your studies abroad, then America is an excellent choice. Postgraduate law programs in the United States attract lawyers from all parts of the world – the Yale University LLM course alone has welcomed students from more than 30 different countries over the last four years. Postgraduate law qualifications teach students to use their skills of self-inquiry and critical thinking, they look at many different aspects of law and provide a well-rounded legal education. According to the American Bar Association, there are over 100 universities in the US which run LLM programs, so both American and international students have a wide choice in terms of what branch of law to specialise in and where to study, and there are even some great online postgraduate law options available at US law schools. Here are our top 5 reasons why you should consider studying your postgraduate law program in the US:

Attend highly ranked law schools

According to the Times Educational Supplement World University rankings, eight US law schools rank amongst the global top twenty. Schools like Stanford and Harvard are some of the most revered by employers in every country and if you’re serious about a specific area of law, then an LLM can help you pursue it professionally. At schools like Yale, courses don’t conform to any specific code of study; instead graduates can choose to tailor their learning in a way that suits them. Classes are often small and law school faculties have many resources to assist candidates. If you’re from outside of the US, you’ll gain an insight into the country’s legal system, which will enable you to either practice law in the US or add an international flair to your CV.

Enjoy a huge amount of educational choice

In many schools there are postgraduate law programs that give students the chance to specialise in a distinct area of law. The University of Texas has an LLM in US Law for Foreign Lawyers which is aimed at international students who wish to understand more about US law in general, but it also allows them to focus more deeply on one other area. Courses such as this are a major attraction for all postgraduates as you are taught the most important aspects of the American legal system, but you can also work on enhancing your knowledge in a particular aspect of law.


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Maximise on the great networking potential

By adding to your contacts whilst abroad you can establish relationships with people across the globe, these bonds can remain well after your study period has ended and help you to get your career moving in the right direction. Your public profile will be increased on social media, and you’ll have more chance of hearing about new employment or business opportunities by word of mouth before other candidates. Gathering information from a network of professional acquaintances and friends can also be a huge asset if you are hoping to work abroad in the future, as your contacts can let you know more about living and working in their home country.

Experience a more challenging classroom environment

The academic environment in an American university and the way students are taught is markedly different to other countries. Law school is considered to be especially challenging as professors often use the Socrates Method of teaching, where students are asked to respond to a point of law or a case-based issue without the chance to prepare. It can take international students a while to feel comfortable with speaking up and even longer to gain confidence in their ability to answer, but this approach encourages future lawyers to formulate a coherent response quickly – an invaluable skill in the legal field.

 Enrich your life by living overseas for a year or more

There are many benefits to be gained from participating in a postgraduate law program abroad, or even in another state many miles from home. As part of the experience you’ll develop a range of marketable skills that are relevant to a career in law: you’ll learn to communicate effectively with all kinds of people, to persevere, to be patient, and to be self-motivated. Academically, your study skills will increase, along with your powers of analysis and research. Rather than just travelling through a country, or a new city, you’ll find yourself with the opportunity to become immersed in its culture and way of life. This in turn can enhance your career prospects, as employers see that along with your academic qualifications, you have something additional to offer. From a personal perspective too, you’ll be at an advantage; your confidence will increase, you’ll feel more capable and you’ll be comfortable dealing with unfamiliar surroundings or new situations.

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