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Masters in USA

Masters in USAUniversities in the USA attract international masters students from all over the globe and this is because many
of the world’s best universities are based in America. Let’s take a look at the various considerations involved when choosing to study a masters in the USA.

Researching masters in USA

It can be difficult to research postgraduate courses from a distance, especially if you know very little about the country you are planning on studying in. Rankings are helpful to begin your research as are industry publications from the USA to give you information about institutions people in your industry have attended. Speak with anyone who has made a similar trip and reach out on social media to connect with recent graduates or students who are already on the masters course. Most universities in the USA will have social media pages dedicated to the recruitment of new students. Many universities in the USA run short exchange and summer programs, so if you’re able to, these are an excellent way to get a little taste of studying in the USA before you apply for a masters course. Another consideration whilst researchig your masters in the USA is whereabouts in th country you want to be based. America is a large and diverse country, for example do you want to live in the cooler Evergreen state of Washington, surrounded by tech experts and rolling hills, or are you more drawn to East Coast living in states such as Pennsylvania


Application process 

Students apply to masters courses in the USA by online application forms, just as New York University does, and very few universities now accept application by post. Students have to detail their past education, submit their resume, provide grade transcripts from their previous universities, give references, pay the application fee and write a personal statement. Your personal statement is one of the most important parts of your application, particularly if it is a popular course with many similarly qualified potential students, as it will set you apart from the rest of the applicants. 

Admissions for a masters in USA

In order to achieve admissions success for a masters in the USA, most masters courses in the USA require a good undergraduate or first degree in a relevant subject or a degree course that contains a significant element of a relevant subject area. If the university you attended for your first degree was not in an English speaking country, then you will have to supply proof that your English language skills are of a sufficient level to deal with the course content. 

Masters fees & funding in USA

For international students, there are fewer funding options available than domestic students some of whom can take advantage of state and federal level support. Most universities in the USA will offer scholarships to many students and some will offer scholarships to students from some developing countries. You will find that your institution will list scholarships available for their students and many students borrow money from private student loan providers as well. International students at either private or public institutions in the USA don’t pay any more than out-of-state students and tuition fees in the USA can be high compared with other countries. Some of the highest tuition fees are charged by institutions that are regularly ranked as the best in the world and the education you will receive will put your career on an international level. For example, tuition fees at the world-renowned Harvard University for their MBA are $73,440. Students attending Carnegie Mellon University which is in the top 50 universities worldwide in the QS World University Rankings, charges $64,000 for tuition fees for their MBA. At the other end of the tuition fee scale is South Dakota State University, which charges $12,128 for out-of-state students and is just out of the top 200 institutions in the USA as ranked by USNews. 

How long is a masters in the USA?

Generally, most masters courses in the USA take two years to complete when studying on a full-time basis. If a student only completes some of the course, then some institutions allow students to graduate with a lesser qualification. 

Study methods

Universities in the USA offer a wide range of study methods for masters courses, but it does depend on the subject area. There are an increasing number of part-time courses available for study during the evening while students work during the day, however, an international student is unlikely to be able to take advantage of these courses. Other subject areas, like business management and law, prefer international students to study full time and on-campus. Online courses may not qualify you for a student visa into the USA, so you might find that only full-time campus-based masters courses are available to study if you are coming from outside the USA. 

Subject areas in the USA

American universities dominate many subject areas, especially those in technology and engineering. The MBA is always a hugely popular choice among masters students, as are the medical professions, as the USA leads the world in medical research. Computer Science is another popular subject area as is the law, however, a study of the law at masters level in the USA would most likely lead to a career based in the USA. Many international students concentrate on business management and medical professions as these courses offer a wide range of skills that give students an extra edge when they return home. 

International students studying masters courses in the USA

This table shows the number of international students studying a masters course in the United States from 2013-2018.

Masters in USA



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