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Studying a Postgrad Program in Tennessee

Situated on the southeastern edge of the US, Tennessee is known worldwide for its rich musical heritage including Memphis rock and roll and Nashville’s big country tunes. True to Tennessee’s flag, there are three distinct areas in this southern state that offer lots of adventure – the green plantation valleys in the central plateau, beautiful peaks of the great Smoky Mountains and the relaxed lowlands that are near Memphis. Whichever your preferred location, there is no doubt you are going to have the time of your life as you study for your postgrad program among the friendly southern folk of Tennessee. Tennessee is landlocked and surrounded by eight other US states including Missouri, North Carolina and Georgia.

Postgrad Study in Tennessee

Where can you study a postgrad program in Tennessee?

Tennessee is well known for its high calibre of higher learning institutions, including two of the renowned public university systems – Tennessee Board of Regents and the University of Tennessee System. 
In the state of Tennessee you can opt study a postgrad program at over 70 different educational institutions, including:

Vanderbilt University: Based in Nashville Tennessee, Vanderbilt University has a total of 12,600 students enrolled. Almost half of these students (5,700) students are postgraduate students – and of these just over 10% are studying their postgrad program part time. 10% of the students at Vanderbilt University are international students.

University of Tennessee: The University of Tennessee in Knoxville is a public university that was founded in 1794. There are 28,000 students at UT Knoxville, of which 22,000 are undergraduates and 5,900 are graduate and professional students. There is a good selection of international students at UT Knoxville, representing over 92 different countries.

University of Memphis: This is an American public research university based in Memphis and founded in 1912. There are 16,500 undergraduates enrolled at the University of Memphis and around 4,000 graduate students.

Johnson University: This is a private Christian university based near to Knoxville. It is a small campus-based university with a total of 915 students enrolled – 808 undergraduates and 107 postgraduate students.

Fisk University: Fisk University is a private university in Nashville founded in 1866. It is the oldest institution of higher learning in Nashville and has played a strong role in the historic education of African-Americans.  

Tuition fees & living costs in Tennessee

Studying for a postgrad program in Tennessee is cheaper than it is in many of the other US states in terms living costs and tuition fees. According to the website College Tuition Compare the average fees and costs for a postgraduate student in Tennessee are as follows. In-state tuition fees are $9,860 per annum, whereas out-of-state and international tuition fees are estimated to be $18,888.

Postgraduate students in Tennessee should expect to pay around $12,000 per annum for their accommodation. Meanwhile the estimated cost for study materials is approximately $1,600 for both. On top of this there are other costs that postgraduate students need to be aware of such as health insurance, travel costs and food.

Applications & admissions in Tennessee

To study a postgrad program in Tennessee you will need to have successfully completed a bachelors degree or equivalent before you apply. An international student will need first to apply for a non-immigrant visa. With the most popular type of student visa being the F-1 visa. This entitles the student to study in any of the United States’ accredited universities or colleges. For you to study for a postgrad program in Tennessee, you will first need to fill an application which you can download from the US Embassy website and attach all the relevant study documentation including an acceptance letter from a university, your financial position as well as academic credentials. You may also have to go for an interview at your home country’s US Embassy before traveling to the US. Most universities in Tennessee require a statement of intent of study, official transcripts from previously attended universities and other supplemental application materials depending on the program of interest. International students will also need to provide proof of funds to cover the costs of their tuition fees as well as their living costs. Students from non-English speaking countries will also have to provide proof of English proficiency.

Interesting Tennessee alumni

The universities in Tennessee have produced plenty of interesting alumni, including:

Lamar Alexander – the former governor of Tennessee and current US Senator graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Latin American Studies from Vanderbilt University.

David Keith – an actor and director played football and basketball for the University of Tennessee.

Henry Cho – this comedian, attended the University of Tennessee at Knoxville.

Clarence Brown – the academy award nominated film director, graduated with two engineering degrees from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. He currently has a Clarence Brown Theatre department in the University of Tennessee to help nurture students who are interested in the creative profession.

Student case study

Students find studying at universities in Tennessee to be both fulfilling and enjoyable. One student at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville says, “The first and most important reason why anyone should study in The University of Tennessee, Knoxville is the academics. The University of Tennessee has some amazing programs with awesome professors. There is also so much to do around campus and also in the city of Knoxville. The people in the campus are also very friendly and accommodation, not to mention the beautiful constructions in the campus.”

What can you do in Tennessee when you’re not studying?

There are plenty of great things to do in Tennessee when you have some free time. Much of the life in this southern state revolves around its rich music culture and you can enjoy many musical adventures here. Make sure you explore Nashville, Memphis, and Knoxville and find out about the rich musical history, and be sure to have fun in places like Graceland and Dollywood.

If you enjoy the great outdoors you’ll be able to spend time in the United State’s number one national park the Great Smoky Mountains. This is an area of outstanding natural beauty that interestingly attracts twice as many visitors each year than the Grand Canyon.

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