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Studying a Postgrad Program In Georgia

Postgrad study in GeorgiaThe southern US has a long and venerable academic tradition and the state of Georgia plays a large part in this. Located in the south east of the United States, Georgia was the final member of the original 13 states. The population is just over 10 million spread over 59,000 square miles. Atlanta is the capital and houses almost 500,000 people. Other cities include Augusta, Savannah and Sandy Springs and all have a population of around 100,000 residents. Georgia – or The Peach State as it is often referred to – is surrounded by North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida and the Atlantic Ocean. Georgia is a rapidly growing state and a great place to experience some Southern hospitality while studying.

Where can you study a postgrad program in Georgia?

There are 105 institutions in Georgia offering postgraduate study – and the selection is extremely varied. Some of the options are very large, whilst others offer a much smaller and more intimate learning environment. Here is a small selection of what your study options are in Georgia:

Atlanta's John Marshall Law School: Based in midtown Atlanta, John Marshall Law School was established in 1933. This small college of around 600 students has an emphasis on learning through experience. Legal clinics and extensive internships give students of John Marshall a unique advantage to their future careers. The college also places a high value on student participation in the local community.

University Of Georgia: Being the first public university in the US makes this a special and historic institution. The main campus of the University Of Georgia occupies the college town of Athens and is about an hour’s drive west of Atlanta. It has an excellent doctoral research reputation that makes this university a popular place to study for the 8,000 postgraduate students.

Mercer University: The 4,000 postgraduate students at Mercer University are based in the main campus in Macon and in the satellite campuses in Atlanta, Savannah and Columbus. Macon is in the centre of Georgia approximately 85 miles south of Atlanta. Mercer University is a highly rated institution with a strong reputation in science, engineering and the liberal arts.

Georgia State University: Part of Georgia's public education system, Georgia State University was established in 1913 and has 53,000 students. The majority of these students are based in downtown Atlanta at the main campus. With a long history of offering night classes this university now has an excellent research reputation. Students and alumni are all very proud of the sporting achievements of the Panthers – their college football team.

Valdosta State University: Another institution that is part of the Georgia public university system is Valdosta State University. Located in the city of Valdosta on the southern border of Georgia. Its student body is about 11,500 strong with just over 2,000 postgraduates. The college has an ethos of learning through first hand experience and small class sizes.

What PG programs can you study in Georgia?

The 105 institutions in Georgia offer plenty of options for postgraduate study. Law, medicine and the popular MBA can all be studied in Georgia. You can work towards a Masters of Library Science, Masters of Education and towards Masters in Engineering. There is also a long history of offering courses in the arts with Atlanta having a strong reputation for promoting culture and the arts.

Tuition fees & living costs in Georgia

The average cost for a domestic in-state student to study a postgraduate program at a university in Georgia is around $14,000. A number of institutions in Georgia will charge an out-of-state fee on top of these existing tuition fees. However, this can often be waived by the institution and will considerably reduce the cost. For out of state students the fees start at around $14,000 and can rise to between $70,000 to $95,000 for Executive courses at the prestigious University of Georgia. Health insurance will cost from about $2,000 and annual living expenses will be around $15,000, although living costs will vary depending on if you choose to live on-campus or off. It's important to consider all of your living expenses and by reading this article about general living costs and hidden living costs you should be fully prepared to work them out.

Admissions & applications in Georgia

For application to many institutions in Georgia you will have to have your undergraduate degree accredited by a Regional Accreditation Organisation. Apart from your undergraduate degree, you will also have to provide proof of your English language proficiency if you are not a native English speaker. It is also a good idea to contact the course coordinator at the university you are interested in studying at before applying to check for any differences to deadlines for international students. For further help in making your application read through these tips.

Interesting Georgia alumni

Universities in Georgia have an excellent reputation for athletic competition and a number of outstanding American football players have been alumni. There are a few alumni that have gone on to interesting future careers outside of the sporting world. The former US President Jimmy Carter attended Georgia Tech. University of Georgia alumni Ryan Seacrest has gone on to become a well-known TV presenter and producer. Other famous alumni include hip-hop artist Ludacris who attended Georgia State University. 

Student case study

Terry, a postgraduate student at Georgia State University, writes that getting involved with life at his university is the best way to make the most of your time. You never know who you might meet and what your classmates might become. Networking whilst studying can be important and might help with finding courses and jobs in the future.

What can you do in Georgia when you’re not studying?

Georgia has a great range of things to do when you're not studying. People really enjoy gathering for a famous Georgia BBQs and serving other local food such as peaches, cherries, peanuts and fried green tomatoes. Going out, meeting people and eating is an excellent way to understand the culture of this part of America. The city of Atlanta has an exciting and busy music and arts scene, and if you’re after something a little more relaxed and outdoorsy, exploring the State Parks and the Appalachian Mountains are both very popular activities. Georgia also has a beautiful coastline for you to enjoy. Watching and supporting the local baseball, football or basketball teams will ensure you meet lots of local people.

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