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Postgraduate Living Costs in the UK

As UK university fees do not generally include accommodation and living costs, you’ll have to make sure that you budget for how much living in the UK will cost you, which in some cases can be more than the fee for your actual degree.

Cost of Living

The UK may seem cheap or expensive to you depending on where you are from, and certainly within the UK itself some parts of the country are considerably cheaper than others. Many students clamour for a general idea of how much they will be spending per week in living costs, but this is extremely difficult to estimate because people live completely different lives. While some people are practically hermits who keep their living costs down by never leaving the comfort of their own home, others are reckless spenders. There are also vast price differences between the north and south in the UK, especially when comparing London to other areas.

However as a starting point this table should you a general estimate on what the cost of living general is in the UK.

Typical weekly costs for a postgraduate student

  London Elsewhere
Weekly rental costs £100–£140 £75–£120
Food £45 £40
Transport    £15 £10
Clothes/books £10  £10
Entertainment   £20 £15
Total        £210 £165

Travel costs

International students travel costs If you are an international student then you should definitely consider the costs of travelling to and from your home country in your overall living costs. Flights can sometimes total up to thousands of pounds, which is certainly a pain on a student budget. Consider limiting the amount of travel you do for the duration of your degree if you want to save money - even if it is difficult to be away from home.

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