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Guide to Postgraduate Study in Newcastle


Newcastle is so great you’ll cry when it’s time to leave!

Newcastle Student GuideSo what has Newcastle got to offer a postgraduate student? Whilst there are great swathes of the country that suspect or indeed know that the nightlife of Newcastle is fun to say the least, it certainly has more to offer than is depicted on the TV show Geordie Shore! Yes, you can have a fun night out. But more than this Newcastle has the beauty of Grey Street, the history of Hadrian's Wall, the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, and the bargains of Grainger Market – to name but a few unique attractions.

Well Connected

Located in the North-East of England and only three hours by train from London (or a 250-mile drive) Newcastle is well connected to the rest of England. It also has its own international airport to connect it to the rest of Europe and the world. Not to mention being just a hop across the border from Bonnie Scotland

Fighting Fit

Newcastle's population is 280,000 people, and it shares a fierce rivalry with the neighbouring city of Sunderland, which started in the 17th Century during the English Civil War when the cities took different sides, but is now football focussed with many Geordies passionately supporting the Magpies (Newcastle United).

Easy to Navigate

The centre of Newcastle is easy to walk around, a major plus when you're on a student budget. The metro and bus systems make the universities and student areas easy to get in and out of. Newcastle will get under your skin and infect you with its humour, culture and easy-going atmosphere.

5 reasons why you don’t want to be a student in Newcastle... or maybe you do!

Newcastle Brown Ale400+ licensed premises in the centre of Newcastle, plenty of places to go out drinking instead of studying...

1,000+ postgraduate courses – how will you make your decision as to what you should study?

10,820 postgraduate students – you’ll have too many friends to choose from!

4 Newcastle nightspots (Alvinos, As You Like It, Pleased to Meet You and Tokyo) have been voted among the top 100 bars in the UK in a recent survey. These glamorous spots to splash all your cash will suck up your student funds!

20 culture venues in one location – having been voted the most creative city in the world, Newcastle continues to grow on this reputation with the Newcastle Gateshead Cultural Venues being the largest group of galleries, theatres and museums working together in the UK, boasting 20 venues to spend – not waste – your time and money in.

Newcastle studentsStudents In Newcastle – Facts & Figures

With one in six people in Newcastle being a student, there are plenty of like-minded people to meet in this great UK city.

The two universities – Newcastle University and Northumbria University – have a broad range of students from different backgrounds and countries giving a cosmopolitan vibe.

There are 10,820 postgraduate students in total and 40,135 undergraduate students meaning that postgraduate students make up approximately one fifth of the student community in the city.

Accommodation Options (or wherever you lay your hat – that’s your home)

FreshThere are plenty of options for living arrangements in Newcastle. Both universities offer a range of their own catered and self-catering halls of residence on and around the central campuses. Living in university-managed accommodation such as the halls of residence has plenty of upsides, not least the fact that they are usually located very close to lectures and the student union. Newcastle University and Northumbria University both offer arrangements for students who need accommodation for only part of the year or for 50 weeks as postgraduate courses often require, rather than the standard 38 weeks that undergraduates require.

If you would rather live in privately owned student accommodation then Newcastle also has a healthy private student rental sector. Privately owned purpose built accommodation from providers such as Fresh offer fabulous accommodation close to both universities. One major advantage to opting for accommodation from Fresh is that you will meet a range of students from both universities, as well as from Newcastle College. You can book rooms with your friends and/or your partner at no extra cost, plus all bills, internet access, and security. The Fresh accommodation providers also arrange social evenings for their residents, adding an extra layer of activities for you to join in with. This high quality accommodation is also available on a flexible short-term basis or even as a summer let.

Newcastle also offers a good range of private student housing and shared housing, but these tend to be occupied by students who are already based in Newcastle. Most people arriving in Newcastle for the first time opt for university provided accommodation or private halls of residence.

Newcastle postgraduate studentsWhat Can You Do In Newcastle When You’re Not Studying?

If you discount all the nights out that you will have in Newcastle, then you are left with an amazing selection of cultural pursuits. Getting out and about is a great way to relax – so why not take the time to experience some culture. The Baltic Centre For Contemporary Art is one of the best art galleries in the world, rivalling London’s Tate Modern for its modern art exhibitions. Shopping is another major pursuit in Newcastle and there's a large range of high-end shops and shopping malls.

If you want to get out of the city for the day there are plenty of historic houses and sites to visit from Roman ruins at Hadrian's Wall to more modern museums depicting the industrial heritage of the North East. Finally, being right on the sea, there are wonderful long sandy beaches within easy reach of the centre of Newcastle.

Newcastle UniversityNewcastle University

There are over 740 different postgraduate courses available to study at Newcastle University on a vast range of subjects such as Engineering, Business, Languages, Medicine, Dentistry, Architecture, Agriculture and Education. The different postgrad programs available to study at Newcastle University breaks down into 405 full-time courses, 316 part-time courses, and 22 distance/online courses.

Newcastle University Study Methods

Tuition Fees & Costs

The standard full-time taught postgraduate course costs £5,665 per year. Premium courses like Law, Medicine, Business and Engineering cost up to £15,270 per year.

Facilities & Specialisms

The facilities for Engineering at Newcastle University are world-renowned meaning that a huge number of Engineering students choose Newcastle University. The courses in Modern Languages, Medicine and Law are all very highly rated too.

Student Life

Teaching at Newcastle scores very highly, especially in the Medical School. The campus is in the centre of Newcastle and this gives the chance to mix with plenty of other students. There is a large postgraduate population with students from 110 countries studying at Newcastle.

Student Case Study

Ludwig is a German student studying a masters course at Newcastle University. He describes Newcastle as a really relaxed place to live with plenty to see and do, especially if you like the pub or are a bit of a foodie.

5 Fascinating Facts about Newcastle University

The School of Medicine and Surgery was established in 1834

Newcastle University became independent from the University of Durham in 1963

Bryan Ferry CBE and Rowan Atkinson CBE are both Newcastle University Alumni

Newcastle University is in the top 50 global universities

The Devonshire Building, opened in 2004, won the Hadrian awards and the RICS Building of the Year Award 2004 and the Green Gown award for its construction.

Northumbria UniversityNorthumbria University

Northumbria University has 277 postgraduate courses on offer covering a vast range of subjects including Environmental Studies, Business, Social Sciences, Computing, Humanities, Law, Project Management, Science, Sport, Engineering, Creative Studies, and Psychology. Of these different postgraduate courses there are 182 full-time courses, 54 part-time courses and 41 distance/online learning programs.

Northumbria University

Tuition Fees & Costs

The standard full-time taught postgraduate course costs £5,665 per year. Premium courses like Law, Business and Engineering cost up to £15,100 per year.

Facilities & Specialisms

Northumbria University has great facilities for Sports Science, a large legal library and a great wealth of different Business courses on offer. Northumbria University’s Teaching course one of only a few in the UK to hold an outstanding award from Ofsted.

Student Life

Studying at Northumbria University is highly rated by students as they consider the staff approachable and helpful. The campus is in the centre of Newcastle and has recently had a major work of refurbishment, with another campus just out of the city as well. There is also an opportunity to study in London at the campus there too.

5 Fascinating Facts about Northumbria University

It was established in 1969

Northumbria alumni, Sir Jonathan Ive, designed the iPhone, iPad and iMac

Northumbria University gained university status in 1992

The Business School at Northumbria University is one of the best 1% in the world

It’s the number one university in the UK for graduate start-ups


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