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Posted Oct. 17, 2014

10 Free Apps For Tracking Your Student Budget

In this age of austerity, living to a budget has never been more important for postgraduates. Luckily, with the wealth of free apps available to help create and track your budget, it's also never been easier.

Here are ten free apps that can help you track your student budget, pay your bills, sustain yourself and even ensure you have a little left over to make the most of your precious free time .

Goodbudget ( ipad/iphone , Android ) Based on the tried and tested 'envelope' budgeting method where portions of your budget are divided out into categories or envelopes. This app looks good, is easy to use and not only helps your track your budget but also plan it. Goodbudget also includes a great feature which allows you to share your budget with friends and family. This could be very useful if sharing accommodation and living to a communal budget.

Spendometer ( ipad/iphone ) Simply set daily, weekly or monthly budgets for a number of items and Spendometer will track balances and warn you before you're overspending. You quickly get into the habit of entering each expense/purchase and it forces you to really take notice of what you're spending and cut out impulse buying!

Savings Goal ( ipad/iphone ) If you're lucky enough to be able to set some money aside for a holiday or even a well deserved night out, Savings Goal allows you to set up saving 'pots', enter a target date and amount and then automatically create a schedule to ensure you meet your targets. Watching the pots fill can form great saving habits.

Toshl Finance ( ipad/iphone ) Toshl Finance is a personal finance manager made fun. It's well designed and features cute little monster characters to take the gloom out of budget tracking. This app also has powerful currency conversion features, ideal if you're looking to work out your budget in a different currency or going abroad.

Evernote ( ipad/iphone , Android ) Whilst not strictly a budget tracking app, Evernote is such a powerful tool that you can use it for pretty much anything and it can definitely help to keep your finances in order. It's perfect for jotting down notes or taking voice memo's whilst out and about which can be added to a budget later.

Money Lover ( ipad/iphone , Android ) If you like statistics, charts and graphs then Money Lover might be the expense tracker for you. It has a host of powerful reporting features which will help identify, at a glance, where you are spending too much or too little. It also allows you to set handy alerts to let you know when things are getting tight.

Spend Today - Save Tomorrow ( ipad/iphone ) This app focuses on daily budgets. It works out what you've got left and divides it into days until a specified date, so it's easy to see what you have available to spend that day or how your spending affects the rest of the month.

OnTrees ( ipad/iphone ) This great app allows you to see balances for all of your accounts and credit cards in one place. It also features a host of brilliant money tracking and budgeting tools, it looks great and is easy to use.

Money Dashboard ( ipad/iphone , Android ) Another app which collects all of your finances in one central hub allowing you to visualise your money and track expenditure and budgets accordingly.

Free Home Budget Calculator ( ipad/iphone ) A simple, clean, no-frills, budget calculator. This app is very simple to set up and use and is aimed more for those running a household and tracking bills. Ideal for postgraduates sharing a house or flat.

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Sadip Baruwal June 3, 2017, 8:39 a.m.

Thank you for sharing,
I will share one ms Excel accounting, budgeting analysis tool. is an accounting workbook that allows you to easily manage the cash flow in and out of your small to medium business.

Charlotte King June 5, 2017, 4:11 p.m.

Thank you for sharing your budgeting tips.

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