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Top 10 Dentistry Courses in the UK with Graduate Entry

Training to become a dentist is country specific and many of the top schools of dentistry only offer courses in the local language. In the UK some dental schools will consider an excellent result in a first degree, especially if you apply during your final year, but if it is …

Degree Courses with the Lowest Unemployment Rates

Most people enter university as a stepping stone to a more successful career . So what degree courses are leading graduates straight into employment? The list below details the employment rates for university leavers six months after graduating. Medicine and Dentistry 0%Veterinary Science 2%Architecture Building & Planning 3%Education 3%Law 3%Linguistics …

How Technical Skills Can Propel Careers in the Arts

Landing a job in the arts can often seem like an impossible feat, but there is a gap in the market for those with the right technical skills. Intrigued...? Recent years has seen a huge surge in computer generated imagery, and to be blunt, simply getting to grips with the …


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Success in world subject rankings for Cardiff University

Cardiff University has been highly placed in a prestigious rankings table for subjects including Communication & Media, Architecture/Built Environment, Engineering and Dentistry.

King’s College London has new funding opportunities for international students

The Graduate School at King’s College London has announced a number of new or significantly altered studentships for those considering studying for a PhD or Masters.

King's has appointed a new Dean to its Dental Institute

King's College London has appointed a new Dean for its Dental Institute.


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University of Birmingham College of Medical and Dental Sciences Virtual Open Day 6 December 2016

The University of Birmingham is hosting a Virtual Open day to showcase the research opportunities in its College of Medical and Dental Sciences on Tuesday 6th December at 2pm.

Plymouth University Postgraduate Event 19 November 2014

Plymouth University is holding a postgraduate event on Wednesday 19th November 2014 from 3.30-6.30pm. This is a must-attend event if you are interested in postgraduate study and professional development at Plymouth University.

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