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Why Study Online With A UK University?

Online UK UniversitiesThe revolutionary part of online study is that it opens up postgraduate courses to many people who are prevented by situation or distance from attending an on-campus course. Online studying isn't for everyone as you need serious self-motivational skills – so it is important to be realistic about what suits you. Where to study your online PG course is a big decision. If you are an international student make sure you check that the UK-based online course you are considering is of the correct professional standard for your career.

History of distance learning provision

The first institution in the world to offer distance learning was in the UK, it was known as the Phonographic Correspondence Society and was established in 1843 by Sir Isaac Pitman. Wolsey Hall, an Oxford University college, was the first institution to offer a university-level education by distance learning in 1894. Many other universities in the UK have offered distance learning for 40 or 50 years now, so it is safe to say that there are experts at UK universities offering a robust online postgraduate education to people all over the world.


Huge range of postgraduate courses

Some of the most well respected universities in the UK offer online postgraduate courses, including much of the Russell Group. The University of Edinburgh provides online masters courses in Law, Education, History, Design, and Creative Writing. UK top ranked HE provider University of Oxford offers masters level courses including History, Archaeology and Sustainable Urban Development, meanwhile Durham University has an excellent online MBA program and Cardiff University offers an LLM in Canon Law.

Great for CPD

Continual Professional Development (CPD) is much easier to undertake and fit in with your life if you opt for part-time online learning. Studying part time by online distance learning makes completing CPD courses to keep your skills sharp a more viable option, with some universities offering a wealth of courses. The University of Glasgow has CPD courses for teachers, medical staff and veterinary professionals, the University of Leeds offers online CPD modules for engineers, and King's College London has online CPD courses for nurses and other medical professionals.

Professional standards

One issue to be aware of when choosing to study CPD courses online in the UK if you are an international student is that it is important to check that the module satisfies your specific professional association's requirements, as these courses will be following UK standards. Students considering CPD courses are advised to go to their own professional association for advice – especially if they are in the early years of a career – to ensure enrolment on a suitable online course.

English language skills

Online postgraduate courses delivered by UK-based universities are going to have the same English language skill requirements as their on-campus equivalents. This means that international students whose first language is not English will have to prove their English language skills with an English language skills test such as a TOEFL or IELTS. Completing a postgraduate program online taught in the English language is a great way to hone your English language skills.

Funding options

For UK-based postgraduate students, there are a few excellent funding options including UK Government postgraduate loans, so for those students who have never studied at masters level with the help of UK Government funding, there should be the opportunity to access the funding available. Depending on the online PG course and the subject, UK students can often access grants and scholarships as well. Part-time courses must be completed in two years or three years if that is the only option, for a course that would take a full-time student one year to finish. International students studying online postgraduate courses are not eligible for UK Government funding. All postgraduate students from any country are eligible to apply for a Postgrad Solutions Study Bursary worth £500 once they have been accepted onto their online postgraduate program at any university.

Tuition fees

Here are some examples of the tuition fees for online postgraduate courses taught out of UK-based universities.

Online UK University Tuition Fees


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