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Posted June 2, 2020

What country should you study your online PG program at?

What country should you study your online PG program?When you are looking into your online postgraduate options one aspect you should think about is where the course is based.

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This may seem an unusual consideration as you’re going to be studying remotely however where the institution is based can make a difference and tuition fees can sometimes be more advantageous in universities based abroad. But you need to consider all of your options before applying to your online postgraduate course.

Where are you planning on working afterwards?

If you are planning on moving to another country after your online postgraduate studies, then it can be quite a good idea to target your online postgraduate studies to that country. Alternatively, you can focus on postgraduate subjects that will allow you to work in that country, for example, check the occupations that desirable countries need, for example Australia or Canada, as those countries might have online postgraduate courses designed to to train students in these professions.

Do you want to specialise in a specific country?

For some professions – such as those working in the law or finance – understanding the profession in another country is an important part of the career specialism. Many lawyers offer advice for international clients in the law of other countries, especially those with large trading economies such as the US and China.

Are the professional standards right for you?

Part of the professional standards is the language the course is conducted in. If you want to work in English, then you are going to need to study a postgraduate course conducted in English. For some students, this might mean that undertaking an online course based in an English-speaking country might be best. You will also want to check with subjects like Accountancy, Teaching and all Medicine or Veterinary courses that the professional standards of the course will qualify you to work in your home country. Try relevant organisations ­– such as the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales – to check what professional standards your course needs to meet.

Which country has the best reputation for your subject area?

Certain countries have an excellent reputation in certain professions. For example, countries or regions with energy industries such as Scotland, Norway and Texas all offer educational opportunities for Engineers, eg Robert Gordon University offers a range of online Masters of MSc courses in Engineering for Engineers all over the world to specialise their careers.

What are the tuition fees?

Tuition fees and the funding options that go with them for online postgraduate study vary around the world. For many students studying an online course in their home country is the best option as they can avail themselves of any governmental postgraduate loans schemes. But others may find the more reasonable tuition fees on offer outweigh the advantages of any available home funding. This table shows the different tuition fees of online postgraduate accountancy programs at different countries around the world.

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