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Bangor University: School of Ocean Sciences

Bangor University
School of Ocean Sciences 

The School of Ocean Sciences at Bangor University is one of the largest university Marine Science departments in Europe, a multi-disciplinary department located on the shores of the Menai Strait, North Wales, UK. Bangor ranks amongst the UK's top 30 universities for student satisfaction, based upon the most recent National Student Survey 2020; reflecting the University's focus on overall student experience.

 “Understanding the oceans constitutes a major challenge for modern science. Even after a hundred years of intense study, the oceans remain under-explored, and our knowledge of many of the key-processes occurring within them is fragmentary.

What is Ocean Sciences?
The Earth's surface is dominated by a vast interconnected ocean: life originated underwater and the Earth, its ocean, its climate and its organisms have interacted and evolved together over the ages. Humankind has been profoundly influenced by the ocean. Its waters and floor are rich in physical and biological resources. It provides employment for millions of people, acts as a transport route for much of the world's commerce, and accepts vast quantities of waste. Perhaps most of all, it inspires our spirit of adventure and imagination. Sailors, divers, surfers, anyone who has gazed out to sea and wondered know the special sense of awe that the ocean can induce.

The study of the global marine environment
Ocean science is the study of the global marine environment, from the icy wastes of the polar seas to the tranquil lagoons of coral islands: from the still blue depths of the Pacific to the busy and polluted waterway of an urban estuary. Ocean science combines direct observation of this environment with a systematic search for understanding of the processes that control it. So ocean scientists are explorers as well as scientists, and much of the world's ocean is yet to be explored.

The School of Ocean Sciences has excellent support facilities for both teaching and research.

These range from:

  • large, modern, well equipped teaching laboratories
  • high tech' research laboratories;
  • small boats and a 35 metre seagoing research vessel;
  • a local area PC based computer network and powerful number crunching workstations used in numerical ocean modelling;
  • photographic and desktop publishing graphics systems and an in-house electrical and mechanical workshops capable of designing and building state of the art oceanographic equipment;
  • traditional books and journals and the latest electronic library resources (via the Main Science Library in Bangor);
  • a filtered seawater supply direct from the Menai Strait and tropical and cool water marine aquaria

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