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Online Business Masters Programs Obtaining a masters degree in business takes you one step up the ladder in your chosen career path . There are several reasons why you may be considering obtaining a masters degree and chances are that they are all worth your consideration. Many people do not have the time or funding to study full time and this has made postgraduate business online programs extremely popular.

There are several online business masters programs you can opt for. The main consideration to make sure the provider is accredited and of course, and to be able to afford the cost and time commitment.

Benefits of studying online

There are several distinct benefits to studying any course online.

• You can plan your studies around your personal and career commitments
• The costs are generally lower
• Online courses often offer you more flexibility with regard to module choice

Course content for an online business masters program

Online business masters programs are designed with practising managers in mind. The content is based on the assumption that you already have some business knowledge. There are particular qualifying criteria to be accepted on a postgraduate business online course. There are schools that offer the course purely online, however, some business schools require that you meet face-to-face with your allocated tutor a couple of times over the duration of the business program. The content may be split across compulsory and optional modules, and this allows you to adjust the curriculum to your requirements and current knowledge.

Most online business masters programs focus on strategic analysis, intellectual stimulation and independent judgement techniques while offering a range of core disciplines.

The core disciplines include:

• Finance and accounting
• Human resource management
• Marketing
• Operations management
• Organisational behaviour

Many online business programs require completion of a certain amount of core modules, along with a couple of elective modules.

Coursework is usually distributed through a virtual learning network which includes webinars, multimedia lectures, online tests and forums for discussion. You will of course be able to submit coursework electronically.

Any exams that are required to be taken can usually be done at examination centres close to you.

Eligibility requirements to study an online business masters program

The requirements to get a place of an online business masters program may differ from one institution to the next. If you hold a business-related honours degree from a recognised university, you will probably be allowed to enter the program. However, if you do not have an honours degree but have adequate work experience, you may have to obtain a professional certificate prior to being allowed to join the masters course. You will probably need to have at least three year’s practical experience in a technical, professional or management role. Some business schools are prepared to offer online masters programs to people who have extensive experience in the work arena, but do not hold graduate qualifications. In this case, you have the option to enrol as a diploma student and do the same sessions as the masters students. If the results you obtain after the first set of tests are acceptable, you will have the opportunity to transfer to the online masters program without the liability of extra costs. Whatever way you qualify for the online program, you will need to show that you are proficient in the English language.

Duration of an online business masters program

An online business masters program could take from two to four years to complete. To ensure that they have sufficient time to allocate to the course, without too much pressure, many students opt for two modules per term. There are usually three terms each year.

In most courses, once you have completed the course work, it will be necessary to complete a business project. This is often based on a choice made by you and could be a project based on your current employment situation.

Costs of an online business masters program

As can be imagined, the tuition fees for an online masters program varies from one provider to another. Students can usually expect to pay between £5,000 and £10,000 for the entire course, however many of the providers charge an annual fee rather than one fee for the entire course. The annual fees are normally increased for the second and third years. If you do not complete your course during the allotted time, you may incur an extension fee for each additional year of study.

The fees generally include registration, tuition, study materials, examination costs and graduation costs.

Extra fees apply if you require extra support and would like to attend face-to-face lectures.

Most schools offer a tuition fee instalment option. You can either pay the full sum at the beginning of your academic year, or you can pay it in periodic instalments. The instalments are normally offered over three payments of 50%, 25% and 25%. 

Key to success

Successful completion of an online business masters program will require commitment. You need to have a disciplined character to faithfully dedicate at least 10 to 20 hours per week to your studies. The time commitment required depends on the number of modules you opt to do each term.

Obtaining an online business masters is the same as obtaining one on campus. You will receive the same qualification and the same certificate. It will improve your career prospects tremendously and will indicate to your current or future employer that you are a determined, hardworking individual who is able to multi-task and excel at tasks given  to you.


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