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Posted May 8, 2013

How Essential is a Masters to Success in the Business World?

Many of today’s most well known entrepreneurs went down the route of self learning in the ‘real world’ as opposed to opting to attend university, but are things changing for the future of the entrepreneur?

Is a Master's Degree in Business Really Necessary?

Sir Richard Branson and Sir Alan Sugar are two of the finest business moguls that the UK has ever seen, and both men have always promoted the attitude that you can only really learn the skills required to be successful in business, by being in business. Sir Alan Sugar has been quoted as saying “I’ve been to the university of life and you can say to those people who come out with their 2.1s or whatever, that’s fine, but you know nothing.” Whilst he and many others are certainly proof that a university education is not an essential part of business success, the changing face of postgraduate entrepreneurship and business courses would suggest that things may be on the turn.

Business Master's Popularity is on the Rise

In the US, many of the quintessential business minds of the last 15 years have come straight from the top business schools, making a master’s in entrepreneurship one of the most sought after qualification for ambitious people looking to start their own business. UK universities are learning lessons from the likes of Harvard and Princeton, and are now aligning their courses with the modern day business needs of the economy, arming postgraduate students the skills required to excel in their own businesses. Universities are now offering top class entrepreneurship master’s degrees aimed at those looking to start up in business, or those who are in the early stages of doing so. These courses are hot property, and students from all over the world are paying around £21,000 for the privilege of enrolling, which is testament to the amount of value that is placed on the information being learned. These courses not only teach invaluable business, management and accountancy principles, but also seek to gain industry exposure for the entrepreneurs by linking them in closely with small to medium sized business in the relevant sector.

Getting Ahead in the Business World

University College London is taking heed of Stanford University's success in Silicon Valley, and is taking on students who are already involved in promising start-up projects, and nurturing their skills and knowledge in order to help them launch successful product lines whilst still completing their master’s degree. This set up benefits all parties involved as the students are able to get help and make connections with established businesses and research facilities, businesses are put in touch with promising young entrepreneurs, and the universities are able to attract ambitious postgraduates to their courses. These courses are changing the face of postgraduate degrees for entrepreneurs, and making them a very attractive prospect indeed for anyone looking to launch their own business.

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