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Posted March 27, 2013

What Do Employers Think of Online Degrees?

If you are looking to start an online degree course, but are unsure of whether it will leave you at a disadvantage over those who have completed a campus course in the eyes of potential employers, fear not.

Online degrees are becoming increasingly popular as they offer students more flexibility, freedom, and independence. However, many people still have a hesitance to choose online learning as they feel that employers will not view their qualification with equal value.

Online learning was created primarily to cater for the needs of those who were unable to commit to traditional courses such as parents and older students, but thanks to the rapid development in online degree courses over the past few years they are now seen as a valuable and necessary method of learning for people of all ages and personal situations.

In the past many employers looked at online university courses with a slight degree of cynicism, which was helped in no small part by the ‘bogus’ qualifications that were rife in the 2000s. A recent study stated that 85% of employers are more accepting of online degrees than they were just five years ago. The stigma that used to be attached to online learning has now been largely replaced by a realisation that students who have attained a degree qualification through an online course are likely to have a strong set of skills which are extremely valuable in just about any job role.

Completing an online course requires a lot of self discipline and motivation, which is an attribute that cannot be taught. This is one of the most sought after skills in the workplace, as managers want to know that you can be given responsibility to get on with a task safe in the knowledge that you will be able to discipline yourself to get the job done.

More often than not, online degrees are taken up by people who are facing challenges in their personal lives, such as dealing with a young family or a full time job, and the ability to complete a degree under those circumstances shows a desire to achieve. One more thing to note is that by the time you have completed your studies, you will have had ample time to brush up your computer skills and become ‘proficient’ in computing. This is a huge benefit when applying for jobs, as these days almost every position requires computer literacy, which you will have proven by default!

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