Why a Master’s in Psychology is so Popular

Some subjects appear at the top of the list of most popular university courses year after year, and psychology is one of them. So why is a master’s degree in psychology one of the most pursued courses and what does it offer students after they have graduated?

Why is Psychology so Popular?

There are two main reasons why psychology remains one of the most popular courses; interest and job opportunities. Psychology is the study of mental functions and behaviours, and it can be applied to all aspects of life and business, making it an extremely vast and interesting subject. There are numerous specialties within the subject which can be explored by students depending on their specific interests.

Due to the vastness of the subject and its importance to almost every aspect of business, a degree in psychology can lead down numerous different career paths, and there are countless job opportunities for those with a master’s in psychology. Three of the most common routes to go down are a master’s in clinical psychology, leading to jobs in healthcare or mental health services, a master’s in experimental psychology, leading to jobs in development and research based jobs, and a master’s in an applied psychology area which could apply to numerous different sectors.

Apart from the obvious employment benefits of gaining a master’s in psychology, there are countless other reasons why the course is so popular. It gives you a chance to learn more about yourself and others around you, in particular why we all behave in the way we do. This can be extremely helpful to anyone in a managerial or supportive job role, as understanding behaviour is a major part of knowing how to effectively manage people. Many people use their psychology master’s to help people and make a real difference to others’ lives by heading into roles such as counselling, therapy, community services and other ‘people’ jobs.

Transferable Skills

The skills learned in a psychology degree can be transferred into an abundance of different situations, and many academics taking the highest level courses have studied a master’s in psychology which has helped them to create effective systems of learning. Once you have completed the course you can apply your knowledge to your favourite subject, for instance, if you have a master’s degree in psychology and your passion in life is sport, why not pursue a career in sports psychology?


Hugh MacCamley Aug. 20, 2019, 8:31 p.m.

I would be interested in doing a Post-Graduate Professional Counselors Course Distance Learning.

Charlotte King Aug. 21, 2019, 5:28 p.m.

Hi Hugh,

This URL has a list of online Counselling courses:


Good luck!


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