Spring Cleaning Your Postgrad Student House

Spring cleaning Blog Spring cleaning? But it’s not spring! That’s no excuse not to have a spring clean right now. It can be tricky to clean a student house properly – there’s a limit on how much you can move things around, and there’s always that worry that you might accidentally bleach something you shouldn’t. But did you know there are some great shortcuts for when it comes to cleaning a student house?

Clean Your Oven Seriously, if there is one thing you go and clean right now, make it the oven. Having an oven not up to your letting agency’s meticulous standards is the easiest way to lose your precious deposit, and cleaning it regularly rather than trying to grind down the layers of burn at the end of your tenancy is a good way to avoid this. Don’t just give the outside glass a quick wipe down though – this is something that needs intensive cleaning. Get yourself some rubber gloves, some dedicated oven cleaner and go to work. Just, you know, warn your house mates they might not be able to cook for a few hours first.

Do The Windows Unless you have a window cleaner that heads down your street (and if you do, lucky you!) the outside of your windows are something you may well have forgotten about. To be honest, if you’re like most students you’ve probably forgotten about the inside of the windows too! Get yourself a squeegee, wipe it down in-between strokes and you’ll have glass so clean the local birds will fly into it.

Just Because They’re Not Yours...

We’ve mentioned the cooker, but things like toasters, microwaves, fridges and washing machines tend to get overlooked too. Give everything a once-over with soap and water to get rid of the worst parts, and then rinse it down and dry it off. This should leave everything looking as good as new – or at least, as good as it was when you moved in.

It's Curtains For You...

Are they your curtains? If so, it’s up to you what you do. Are they your landlord’s curtains? Then you should probably clean them. Don’t just bung them in the washing machine – spend the time actually reading the instructions. Some will be fine to be washed and done in a dryer, but some will need professional dry cleaning. Yes, it’s an expense, but it’s bound to be cheaper than losing half of your deposit at the end of the academic year.

The Mattresses Once again – is it your mattress? If it is, great, you don’t need to worry. If it’s not, you should probably take those sheets off and check for marks. You might think you’ve been pretty clean, but you’d be surprised what can leave marks on there. Get some stain remover and go to work. A great way of cheaply avoiding this risk is to get yourself a mattress protector – it doesn’t need to be particularly fancy, just thick enough that any accidents stay on it and not your mattress.

And that’s it from us…Remember, spring cleaning during the academic year can save you a panic at the end of the year, and despite the name, should probably not be left all until spring. Happy cleaning!

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