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Posted July 11, 2016

Postgrad Careers: The benefits of working for the NHS

NHS CareersThe NHS – the UK’s National Health Service – currently employs more than 1.7 million people. It is the biggest employer in the UK, and the fifth largest in the world. Caring for millions of people everyday, the NHS workforce spans more than just doctorsnurses and therapists, in fact plenty of individuals find long and rewarding careers employed in non-medical roles. From career development to flexible working hours, a role in this organisation can offer much more than employment. And for those still studying, an NHS career can be the next step after you complete your course.

Postgraduates can find many positions and departments that will make use of their skills and knowledge, and with over 350 different job roles available, there is sure to be one suited to your passion, studies and expertise.

Which postgrad courses can set you up for an NHS career?

If you’re still deliberating which postgraduate course is right for you, yet you think you will find working in the NHS appealing, there are numerous options on offer to help you explore this career path further. Whether you wish to study finances and accounting or you want to explore HR and management, a postgraduate qualification can bring you closer to your dream role.

When deciding on your next path of study, it’s important to consider what skills your chosen course will equip you with for the working world. Aside from showing you can work hard towards a qualification, postgraduate courses can also be evidence that you know a particular discipline well and have expertise in your chosen field.

The value of work experience

Work experience is always a favourable asset on your CV and gaining insight into your chosen field will offer you a chance to see a potential role first-hand. In the NHS, prior NHS work experience always makes applicants stand out to recruiters, because it shows they understand the complex nature of how the organisation operates.

Alongside gaining experience, speaking to those already in a role you would like to pursue will help you to discuss and answer any queries you have about the job. Those who experience the role everyday can explain the routine, difficulties and benefits of a particular department or position.

Why work for the NHS?

The NHS offers not just a rewarding career, but opportunities for development, flexible shifts and competitive salaries. There’s often a preconception that those in the NHS are vastly underpaid and overworked, but this is not necessarily the case. There are more than 300 roles on offer in the health service with suitable pay for the responsibilities involved. One of the most important aspects of any career is the work and life balance, and at the beginning of your career it’s essential you don’t feel overwhelmed in your role. The NHS is well known for recognising the demands its workers face, and as such provides support and flexibility to allow staff to keep their personal commitments.

Development and training are heavily emphasised in the NHS, and whether you choose to take up a part-time or full-time position, you will be able to learn and grow further. The NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework allows for workers to progress with regular reviews that provide a clear path to success.

Crafting a career in the NHS

Working in the health service offers career satisfaction as you help care for millions of people in the UK and offer those in need the best care possible. Those with a postgraduate qualification can also explore their chosen field in more depth and make use of their varied skills and knowledge, whilst being proud to be part of one of the largest organisations in the world.

Niamh Spence writes for GoToJobBoard, a dedicated job board which specialises in non-clinical and non-medical roles within the NHS.

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