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Posted Aug. 1, 2022

5 reasons to study an MBA at Swansea University

Swansea University MBAA concern for human values as well as shareholder value is at the heart of the Swansea University MBA.

Postgrad Program Course SearchThe MBA at Swansea University is aimed at those who wish to make an impact on society and address the gap between practice and theory that can exist in management. It is a chance to implement your existing knowledge in a global context and learn to navigate innovation and change whilst applying relevant theories and frameworks. The course has a strong focus on creating sustainable value particularly in the fields of Technology Management, Operations Management, and Marketing. 

“The MBA at Swansea has a real focus on sustainable value in a broad context and not just shareholder value, which really appealed to me. As someone who wants to progress their career, I know that the MBA can give me the skills and knowledge to make a real difference. Finally, the structure of the programme compared to a lot of part-time masters degrees is beneficial for someone like me who is working full time alongside their studies.”
Peter Moore, part-time MBA student at Swansea University

Swansea University MBA


Here’s what the Swansea MBA has to offer in more detail.

1. Your very own bespoke MBA professional learning suite

From the beginnings of the course, it was acknowledged that having a dedicated, professional learning space for those choosing to study the Swansea MBA was vitally important, and as such a purpose-built space was created and furnished to allow for teaching, group work and individual study.

2. Support from the course director Paul G Davies

Throughout your MBA journey, from the first interactions as well as during teaching, you’ll benefit from having direct communication and support from Programme Director, Dr Paul G Davies. Dr Davies is a senior lecturer in strategic thinking as well as being the MBA Programme Director, who has years of experience delivering MBAs as well as real-world industry experience working with public, private and third-sector industries.

Dr Davies is available to speak to you about your application or interest in the part-time or full-time MBA programmes at any time and welcomes enquiries at:

3. Flexible delivery pattern

A flexible delivery pattern is at the heart of Swansea’s part-time MBA. Achieving an MBA will have a significant impact on your career progression but dedicating a year to full-time studies doesn’t suit everyone. The juggle between work commitments and study is often met with apprehension, but it doesn’t have to be. The part-time MBA at Swansea University has been designed so you can effectively manage and thrive in your studies alongside your career and other commitments. This part-time programme follows the exact same syllabus at its full-time counterpart but is set across two years.

Discover more here.

4. Employment opportunities and internships with global giants

Whether you want to work in corporate social responsibility or a be more of an entrepreneur, we have very strong connections with industry leaders such as Airbus, IBM and Bosch, to name just a few. And you’ll have the benefit of working closely with an external company or body to work on a research project for them, helping them work towards their goals while at the same time working towards your own success.

5. TEF Gold Award for teaching and research

Teaching excellence is a matter of pride at Swansea University, and the institution as a whole was awarded a Gold rating in the Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework (TEF), which  recognises excellent teaching in UK higher education providers and helps prospective students choose where to study. Swansea is a research-led institution, so much so that in the latest Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021 assessment, 86% of Swansea University’s overall research was rated as world-leading or internationally excellent – up from 80% in the previous REF exercise in 2014.

Don’t just take our word for it, hear from real students, as well as our Programme Director.

Studying a full time MBA at Swansea University

Can I study an MBA part-time? How do I fit this in around working?

Top tips for applying for an MBA 

Dr Paul G Davies has this to say about the MBA: “I have had the pleasure to chat with many students during the years that I have taught on and managed MBA courses. An interesting aspect of these conversations has often been about the reasons that students have for studying, particularly on part-time courses. Inevitably, a range of motives exist and reflect the varied nature of students’ ambitions and experience. In this blog, I have reflected on a few of the common examples, though this is not meant to be an exhaustive listing.”

Dr Davies continues, “The opportunity to develop new skills and learn is a valuable one that many students I have spoken to have suggested is a primary reason for choosing an MBA. The nature of the course provides a space to explore the strategic way in which organisations work and this can be applied to your organisation as well as fostering a broader understanding of aspects of management practice. In Swansea we look to apply theory and examples to your environment, through discussions and often in assessments. As an example, the final project on the course offers an opportunity to explore a management problem within your organisation in order to determine recommendations for future action.

“I have enjoyed the experience of working with many students whose career path has led them away from areas of expertise as they have taken on more management roles. The desire to learn about new areas that were increasingly part of their work experience is a powerful example of the way our careers evolve and learning supports these changes.

“The confidence and skills that are derived from thinking about and examining varied views on subjects from Leadership to Strategy resonate in the workplace. In many ways, having the space to study management and to reflect on your and fellow students’ experiences is a significant one. As a strategist, one of my frustrations for organisations is the lack of space to reflect on why and how we operate the way we do.

“A student once commented on the way they felt able to ask more critical questions of a consultant and the nervous look in the consultant’s eyes when they realised this person knew what they were talking about and were not going to be taken in by jargon. The smile that accompanied the story spoke volumes about the way MBA studies had instilled self-assurance and, in many ways, unlocked abilities that were simply waiting to be released.

“A significant factor for students on a part-time programme is the ability to flexibly manage their studies alongside work and family commitments. Certainly, this has been a central consideration when developing the flexible delivery pattern at the heart of the Swansea Flexible MBA. Using a blended model allows us to combine the critical face-to-face discussions with the on-line materials that allow a more flexible way for students to study.”

The School of Management at Swansea University

Swansea UniversityThe School of Management at Swansea University is a UK top provider of Management, Accounting and Finance, Marketing, and Tourism education. Providing a range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, as well as collaborative opportunities, our strong links with industry and professional accrediting bodies are reflected in our innovative teaching and pioneering research, ensuring a great start to the future career of our students, staff and partners. Sitting within the impressive Bay Campus, just a stone’s throw away from its neighbouring beach and half a mile from the M4 corridor; the School of Management is home to over 150 staff and over 2,000 students. Boasting world-class facilities with an impressive atrium, teaching rooms, meeting rooms and PC Labs has meant that students have access to an outstanding learning environment.

We have an excellent track record of producing some of the country’s most successful graduates and that, teamed with its vibrant, forward-thinking staff, state-of-the-art facilities and close links with industry, makes it a truly unique place to study.

The School of Management is ranked 12th in the UK for Graduate Prospects (Complete University Guide 2022) and sits in the UK Top 20 for Teaching Quality (Times Good University Guide 2022).

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