Cheap and Cute Ideas For Your Postgrad Valentine

We all know that postgrad study is an incredibly rewarding but incredibly finance sapping experience to undertake. With the majority of your expenses being used for tuition, travel, accommodation and everything else in between, Valentines Day can be a time of the year when postgrad students need to become creative in order to have a memorable and affordable evening or weekend with your loved one. With sensible penny pinching in mind, here are's best ideas for still being able to have a romantic but low cost Valentines Day.

Make your own card The price of greetings cards seem to rise every year, and a brilliant way to eliminate this cost is to make your own Valentines card for your partner. Components like card, glitter, and other materials are cheap to buy and you can make the card extra personal by customizing it yourself. A more personal touch than one of the many standard cards available.

Head to the cinema Take advantage of the long established Wednesday two for one deal before it is revoked this year and take your loved one to see a movie . The cinema is a great place for a Valentines date, allowing you to snuggle up together and enjoy a good film. The movies on offer are always great this time of year due to the Oscars being just around the corner. Take advantage of a half price date.

Make a homemade meal There is nothing more impressive than preparing and cooking a delicious meal for your partner from scratch. Going to a restaurant is nice on occasion, but those on a budget can create just-as-impressive dishes in their own kitchen with the help of a great recipe book. Many ingredients are cheaper than you might think. Search online and find something impressive looking but relatively simple that you can cook to make your at-home Valentine's Day date a success.

Take advantage of free museums Though learning seems to be the only thing a postgrad does all day, a leisurely stroll through a museum can be a great way to spend time with a loved one. Most importantly, museums are free to enter, and depending on which one you choose, can be full of incredibly interesting exhibits that will prove for a memorable date. You can always combine a museum trip with a homemade meal or cinema visit in the evening to make the day even more special.

Walk and a picnic Once again, depending on where you live, a walk in the park or a local beauty spot can be a free and beautiful way to spend time with your partner. Couple this romantic stroll with a well thought out picnic and you have the ingredients for a memorable Valentine's Day. Remember to pre-plan your route so that you don't get lost, and think carefully about the kinds of picnic foods that will remain tasty and edible throughout the day.

Don't fret about not wanting or being able to spend a lot on Valentine's Day. It's important that you're together and doing something fun rather. A loving thoughtful gesture is just as welcome as a grand gesture.

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