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Posted March 1, 2013

Working in the UK as an International Student

If you're an international student studying for your degree in the UK, you are entitled to get a part-time job to supplement your studies.

Posted Feb. 21, 2013

Best Places to Look for Postgraduate Student Jobs

Do you need help funding your postgrad studies and don't know where to start looking for a job? Prime that CV and get started with our suggestions.

Posted Jan. 11, 2013

Top 10 Postgraduate CV No-No's...

If you're going to be writing a CV to be accepted into a postgraduate course, you will want to read our top 10 no-nos!

Posted Dec. 20, 2012

Infographic CVs and Top Tips for Making Your Own

With competition at an all time high, postgraduate students need to do whatever they can to stand out in a sea of job seekers .

Posted Nov. 30, 2012

Confidence Building Tips for Postgraduate Interviews

If you're preparing for a postgraduate interview try some of these top tips to help grow your confidence in ways you never thought possible.

Posted Nov. 29, 2012

5 Postgraduate Degrees that Could Benefit the Planet

Are you looking for a postgraduate degree that could benefit the environment, and not just your CV? Here are the hottest "green" degrees on offer.

Posted Nov. 16, 2012

Is it EVER Acceptable to Lie on Your Postgraduate CV?

Lying on your postgraduate CV will not only lead to public embarrassment but lack of experience will certainly be exposed once you are in the role.

Posted Nov. 15, 2012

Top Tips for Using Social Media in Your Postgrad Job Hunt

Check out our top tips for becoming social media savvy in your search for a postgrad job.

Posted Nov. 14, 2012

7 Ways to WOW at Your First Postgraduate Interview

Are you getting ready for your first postgraduate interview? Do you know how to wow your panel? Here's what you should know before you go in.

Posted Aug. 23, 2012

Mid-life Masters: Why Studying Isn’t Just for Twenty-somethings.

Here are the top seven reasons why now is a great time for older people to get a postgraduate degree.

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