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Posted July 11, 2016

Postgrad Careers: The benefits of working for the NHS

The NHS – the UK’s National Health Service – currently employs more than 1.7 million people and is a great career option for UK students.

Posted May 16, 2016

Working After You've Finished Your Studies

As the student came into my office, I could see that something was wrong. She was pale and her shoulders sagged. “Are you OK?” I asked. “Not really,” she said. …

Posted Feb. 5, 2016

5 Freelancing Opportunities for Postgraduates

Are you struggling to make ends meet as a postgraduate student and could do with some extra cash? Here are 5 freelancing opportunities.

Posted June 22, 2015

Earn Money From Student Exams (Sort Of)

Did you know that you can earn money from invigilating and mark-checking undergraduate exams? Find out more here!

Posted March 18, 2015

Postgrad Careers: What if you don't have plans?

Still not sure what you want to do with your life? Let's take a look at some of your options

Posted Feb. 18, 2015

Postgrad Careers: When it Doesn't Work Out

We all have high hopes for our careers after university, but what about if it doesn't work out as expected?

Posted Feb. 13, 2015

Postgrad Careers - What to Watch for in Group Interviews

Of all the evil obstacle races man has invented to punish his fellow man, perhaps the most sinister of all is the group interview – but it's not as bad …

Posted Jan. 21, 2015

Postgrad Careers: Where to Learn New Skills

What employers are looking for now are so-called ‘value added’ elements, work-related skills and achievement you have gained outside of the classroom or workplace – more

Posted Jan. 12, 2015

Postgrad Careers: Make your CV a piece of art!

Your CV is a crucial tool to get yourself that coveted career – so let's take a look at how to craft ir perfectly

Posted Nov. 24, 2014

Postgrad Careers: Finding An Uncommon Niche

Tiny niche careers exist everywhere so why not see if you can work in one after your postgraduate studies – let's take a look

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