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Posted Nov. 29, 2021

Top reasons why a Masters in Gender Studies could be right for you

Postgraduate Course in Gender StudiesDo you have an interest in questioning the concept of gender identity?

Postgraduate programs in Gender Studies

Do you want to know about its origin, how it varies across cultures, and how much it has evolved? If the answer is ‘yes’, then pursuing a masters degree in gender studies could be the best decision you could ever take!

The demand and relevance of the subject are ever-increasing and it has transformed into a field that broadens one’s perspective and provides a major advantage in almost every career.

What is Gender Studies?

Before we give you some good reasons to pursue your postgraduate program in gender studies, let’s first try and understand what exactly gender studies is all about. Gender studies is an interdisciplinary field that incorporates academic areas like anthropology, literature, philosophy, history, sociology and politics – focusing on analysing the nature and meaning of gender. It mainly includes studies of women, men and the LGBTQ+ community. Gender studies is a comparatively new academic field that examines ideas surrounding gender identity and gendered representations. These gendered roles and patterns are intrinsically intertwined and followed in our everyday lives. Society has established fixed rules and standards to approve masculine and feminine identities that impact an individual’s socio-cultural and economic status in society. Therefore, one of the reasons to pursue gender studies is to channel resistance to strict norms that produce gender inequality.

To help you guide better, we have compiled a few significant reasons why pursuing a masters in gender studies could be for you!

1. Improves skills for a rewarding career

Since it is an interdisciplinary field, a gender studies postgraduate student will become well-versed in many areas, such as literature and politics, which helps them develop their professional skills, such as writing, reasoning and critical thinking. Studying the subject makes postgraduate students qualified for many different jobs, for example human resources, criminal justice, healthcare, marketing, public relations, public policy, education and journalism – pretty much any job that a student of liberal arts is suited to. Moreover, a postgraduate student in gender studies can bring a fresh, unique and valuable perspective to any field they go into by making the workplace fairer and less biased.

2. Become an advocate for change

We all need a desperate change in society and, most importantly, people who can initiate this change. A postgraduate student in gender studies is well-acquainted with the struggle of marginalised communities like LGBTQ+ and women. They will have extensive understanding and knowledge of the world’s systems and ways to fight against inequality and injustice, thus creating an inclusive society. By studying gender studies you can be the advocate of change by initiating or participating in movements and conversations on widespread issues like:

  • Under-representation of women and the LGBTQ+ community in politics
  • Gender wage gap at workplaces
  • Sexual harassment with women
  • Discrimination with women and queer community


Even as a postgraduate student, you will have a chance to research various topics. Moreover, studying in a cosmopolitan country like the UK and staying in student accommodation in London or private student accommodation in Manchester will allow you to interact with people from different countries, cultures, religions, races and gender identity. This experience will provide you with innovative ideas and answers to questions on defining culture and human existence, which could be a major boost in your education.

3. Creates a positive impact on you and others

If you care about gender issues, then this is the subject for you! Furthermore, apart from the social and professional benefits, studying the subject will help you better understand yourself and others. You will discover why people behave in a certain way and how you can help them bring a positive change in their lives. For example, suppose you are living in student housing in Glasgow with a roommate who identifies themselves as queer. They may have often had to deal with prejudice and discrimination from others, which could significantly impacted their mental health by making them feel dejected. As a student of gender studies, you should be able to understand social structures and will be well-equipped to fight oppression and social injustices. You can guide and help them break stereotypes or simply lend them your ear as a supporting friend.

In conclusion

The way we establish and stick to stringent rules about gender affects everyone. Domination and inequality are socialised and normalised constantly in the world, but a masters degree in gender studies will provide you with an activism background. You can guide your family, friends and community to broaden their mindsets and accept individuals as they are! Indeed, it is a great field to pursue your masters in and become a citizen of the future!

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Writer: Harshita Anand is a postgraduate in English Journalism and a graduate in Hotel Management. She has vast experience working in a diverse range of industries and with people from all walks of life. Her dynamic
experience encouraged her to learn new things every day and write passionately about them!

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Charlotte King Jan. 5, 2022, 2:11 p.m.

If you are an international student and English isn't your first language you are most likely to need to take an English language proficiency test before being accepted onto a masters program. Once you have been offered a place on a course you will be eligible to apply for one of our Postgrad Solutions Study Bursaries worth £500 >

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