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Posted Dec. 6, 2021

Get a head start on your career with an online MSc

University of Bath Online MScThere are many benefits of studying an online MSc, whether you're looking to advance your profession or diversify your skill set, however it's critical to pick the correct online degree for you because it will have a significant impact on your future.

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We'll go over how to narrow down your MSc options, especially if you have a background in business, science, technology, economics or mathematics. Moreover, the essential abilities of these fields overlap, allowing you to pursue a variety of fulfilling occupations ranging from IT to finance.

Getting through the crossroads

Because your postgraduate path determines so much, it's important to think about your alternatives thoroughly. Personal taste is important, but your options may be constrained by your previous qualifications, work experience and background. Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself to help you focus your decision:

1. What is your main passion?

Are you more interested in computing and data, or in economics and finance? Maybe you're interested in business and management. It is critical to pursue a topic of study that you are passionate about, since this makes it much simpler to stay committed over time.

2. What are your professional objectives?

Do you want to become a thought leader in your profession, or do you just want to improve your present job performance? Examine the prospects for advancement in your selected degree as well as the opportunities available in the field of job you want to pursue.

3. Do you have other commitments?

Your location, current job and family commitments all have a bearing on the type and length of course you can enrol in. By giving you the flexibility to choose when and where you study, online university courses mean you can study without completely changing your lifestyle.

4. Do you have a bachelors degree?

To enrol in an online MSc, you usually need a bachelors degree or equivalent, commonly in a related discipline. Some universities also consider students with relevant work experience or other professional qualifications.

5. Did you do any previous research in a quantitative field?

Some courses necessitate a greater awareness of quantitative aspects than others, therefore it's worth looking into the specific prerequisites for each course. For example, a degree in a quantitative subject, such as mathematics, is required to be considered for an Applied Economics online MSc at the University of Bath. You do not, however, need any quantitative experience to apply for the online MSc in Entrepreneurship Management and Innovation.

6. How well-versed in programming are you?

Previous experience of computer programming is an advantage if you are interested in the Business Analytics online MSc. You should also include information about your quantitative and programming experience in your personal statement.

Make a decision

University of BathChoosing the proper path, especially when the realms of business, finance and digital innovation intersect, can be difficult. We provide a variety of online postgraduate learning options for students to choose from. The following are some of them:

Applied Economics (Banking and Financial Markets) online MSc students are given the tools they need to apply real-world economics in a variety of sectors.

Artificial Intelligence online MSc investigates AI's real-world applications and ramifications, from the technological to the ethical.

Business Analytics online MSc aims to leverage the power of big data to address today's most pressing business issues.

Computer Science online MSc students learn transferable computational abilities that are essential for a job in this rapidly expanding industry.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management online MSc students are equipped with the entrepreneurial mentality and management abilities necessary to drive innovation in a family business, corporate, or start-up.

Each of these courses is founded on real-world experiences through case studies, teaching and coursework, offering professionals the best chance to specialise in transformative and future-focused career environments.

Getting things done

Many students achieve success after following their chosen path to graduation, thanks to the increased interest from employers in these disciplines. However, one person's definition of success may differ from another's. It all comes down to personal inclination, ambition, and lifestyle choices, as well as the characteristics of the university that offers the degree. Expertise of the lecturers, the real-world nature of the research, and the mix of international students are just a few of the reasons why one university's degree is preferred over another. Speaking about her choice of course and university, Jess Cress, a Computer Science online MSc student at the University of Bath explains, “It's crucial for me to attend a university that recognises the influence of technology in the actual world.”

Meanwhile, Ané Craig, an online MSc student in Applied Economics (Banking and Financial Markets), values the opportunity to meet and work with students from all over the world through the online environment. She says, "The online environment has allowed me to meet and work with students from various backgrounds, in various fields of employment, from all over the world. One of the most enjoyable aspects of my online experience thus far has been making these friendships."

Considering the future

There are numerous options for higher education and eventual job advancement. This will only increase as more industries demand professionals in business, technology and economics. So, you may enjoy the process of deciding on a career path while knowing that whatever path you choose has the potential to lead to future success.

Are you thinking about pursuing a masters degree online? At the University of Bath, you can find the ideal one for you.

Find out more about your online MSc options at the University of Bath.

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