Blogging: Why All Postgrads Should Have A Go!

Blogging is fantastic! It's quick, easy and free. In minutes you can share your amazing brainwaves with countless people all over the UK and indeed the entire world. Whether you're doing a Masters or a PhD, blogging can help you refine the skills needed for your dream career and for you to shine at any interview. It even lets you test innovative ideas and reach out to others.

Refine Your Career Skills Are you planning an amazing writing career? Perhaps your heart's desire is to be an award winning journalist or author. What better way to hone your craft and get feedback on your writing style than blogging? Blogging can even help you build a following of faithful fans. Or perhaps you dream of being an educator. Through your blog, you can practice inspiring others to reach goals that they think are unattainable. Maybe you're even taking the big plunge and job hunting. Use your blog to show off your outstanding communication skills, extensive knowledge and ability to commit to what you believe in. Interviewers are unlikely to look at your academic papers but they would probably scan through a first class blog.

Test Your Ideas Do you want to check reactions to your new and exciting thoughts? Blogging lets you to get rapid feedback on your views. It helps you to master the art of weighing up the pros and cons of an approach in a logical manner. Your blog can also assist you to polish vital research skills and to keep up to date by encouraging you to constantly check facts. It can also give you a framework for organizing your research. Simply break a complex idea into small, manageable chunks. Discus the first one on your blog. Reflect on the reaction you get and refine your perspectives. Then move on to the next one.

Reaching Out Are you feeling overwhelmed? Do you need help finding that critical piece of data or advice on a fresh direction for a stalled project? Blogging is one way of getting quick input. Or perhaps you're good at encouraging others. Maybe you've overcome an obstacle that many other students face. You could share your experiences as a postgrad student. How did you select your university and find vitally needed funding ?

Blogging can enhance your flair for empowering others to engage in debate. It can help you excel at both taking and giving constructive criticism. Through your blog you can develop the skills to moderate and mediate with diplomacy and finesse.

Moving Forward Many people waste countless hours in mindless blogging. However when used positively, whether you're studying for a Masters or PhD, blogging can be an excellent way to polish the skills that are critical for succeeding at university, work and generally in life. Challenge yourself! If you're a seasoned blogger perhaps you can take your blog to new heights. If you've never tried blogging, why not have a go today?

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