Studying a masters degree will change your life!

Thinking of studying a masters degree? It might just change your life. The facts you learn, the passions you discover, and the friends that you make along the way are just a few of the factors that help to make doing an MA, MSc, MPhil, or MLitt such a life changing experience.

The difference between undergrad & postgraduate

Whilst your undergrad studies will be guided very much by what your tutors and lecturers tell you to do, at postgraduate level you will become more of a researcher in your own right. More is expected of you in terms of breadth of knowledge and independent learning at masters level and this can be such a refreshing challenge!

The first step to becoming a fully-fledged researcher

At undergraduate level you may have felt that you gained a broad knowledge of the topics you were studying, but though you hankered to gain a more in depth understanding of texts or issues that you were passionate about you needed to move swiftly on in order to complete the course. At masters level you can relish the opportunity to choose something to work on in depth. Though on a taught masters there will almost always be some element of structure and assessment, you will be given much freer rein to follow your own interests and to develop them as far as you can. If you need a little more advice on navigating the change from undergrad to postgrad methods of study, here are some helpful pointers.

Enhanced employability

A masters looks great on your CV, and for many top jobs some form of postgraduate education will be required. For instance, if you are a school teacher and wish to rise through the ranks in order to attain the position of headteacher, a masters in education or another relevant topic is almost mandatory. Doing a masters provides you with plenty of transferable skills that you can use in the workplace, including time management, depth of knowledge, the ability to locate information accurately, and writing up a long project. If you wish to move on to doctoral research, moreover, a masters is an important stepping stone. Not only does a masters enable you to judge whether or not you have a flair for postgraduate level study, it also demonstrates to academic institutions that you have the skills and training that are needed to move on to a longer independent research project.

Get started with your application

There are plenty of funding options for master students, whilst finding a masters that is right for you (whether at home or abroad) is very easy. Just go to the relevant country's postgraduate study portal and refine the search terms until you locate the course that most appeals to you. And if you do opt to study abroad – this really will change your life!

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