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Masters Degree in Education

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Students who want to be involved in the education process and system, be it in a public or private institution, will benefit from pursuing a Masters of Education degree. In fact, in the UK, several positions in the education industry require at least a masters degree in education. This postgraduate degree can equip students to lead, consult, formulate policies, administer and even teach.

Overview of a Masters in Education

There are several accredited academic institutions offering a masters degree in education in the UK. While some institutions necessarily mandate a bachelors degree in a related discipline, others may require applicants to have an undergraduate degree, along with some previous teaching experience. 

Depending on the university you enrol in, you can opt for research-based or theory-oriented programs; some universities offer a combination of both. There are still others that offer online postgraduate programs in education that allow more flexibility to organise your academic life around your personal and professional commitments. You should also have the choice between a full-time and a part-time program. 

Typically, a masters degree in education takes one year to complete on a full-time basis. However, this duration can extend to two years if you opt for online learning or part-time programs. 

There is quite a lot of funding opportuniites in the UK for postgraduate students who want to pursue teaching and education courses – we have more information about teaching bursaries and funding here.

Modules covered in a Masters of Education

Masters in Education

Different universities offer varied modules, but the majority of masters degrees in education cover the following modules:

Investigating Practice: This module will help you learn how to improve practice to benefit learners. You will be able to create the right methodology and use different methods of investigation to evaluate data. 

Improving Practice: Some learners may have developmental or educational issues. This module teaches you how to identify those issues and then create a strategy to address them. 

Excellence in Teaching and Learning: This module focuses on critically examining different teaching strategies to encourage and promote effective learning and teaching. You will know how to plan and implement successful teaching and learning strategies. This also is the module where you will understand and master different theories of learning and how those theories have a role to play in practice. 

Behaviour for Learning: Here, you study and develop knowledge pertaining to the principles behind positive learning behaviour. You would have to look at the latest research in this field and use successful principles to promote positive behaviour of learning. 

Masters in Education Planning for Educational Improvement: This module lays emphasis on the different approaches to education and how those could be applied to one’s own benefits. The division becomes imperative if one decides to become a senior- or a middle-level leader within an educational setup. 

Bringing Educational Change: If you are aspiring to embrace leadership responsibility, this is the perfect module for it. It teaches you to take charge and lead from the frontlines to bring about positive educational changes. 

Developing Mentoring and Coaching: This focuses on developing proper practices for mentoring and coaching. It is ideal for those who intend to work as coaches or mentors in early learning or a lifelong learning setting. It teaches you effective mentoring and coaching methodologies using critical thinking, current theories, research and modern practices. 

Inclusive Education: This looks at ways and means to motivate and enthuse learners. It takes a closer look at educators and the role they play in motivating learners based on their individual needs and learning abilities.

Psychology of Adult Learning: When educators and facilitators understand the psychology of the lifelong learning sector, they can address specific issues surrounding adult learners and motivate them to be more open to learning. Even here, educators are taught to focus on the role they have to play in the individual learning needs of mature students, and how they can support and encourage these adult learners to overcome their obstacles to learning. 

Student case studies

Here are some case studies that will elicit how other students have benefited from a masters degree in education. 

1.Carmine was a school teacher working at an IBO school in England. She had three years of teaching experience, but wanted to broaden her knowledge in different educational areas to further her career. She opted for a Master of Education degree program and then went on to complete an IB Advanced Certificate in Teaching and Learning Research. 

2. Andrew worked as a student support manager in a college in Scotland that catered to further education. With 15 years of experience behind him, he was looking to develop his leadership skills. So, he decided to do a part-time masters degree in education and focused on Inclusive Education and Learner Support. 

3. Felicity was working as an early education teacher in a British school located in Dubai, UAE. She was a qualified teacher and was interested in developing her pedagogical understanding and knowledge. She decided to do her masters of education as an online learner and selected modules that best suited her needs. 

Career opportunities 

Gaining a masters degree in education will offer you career-specific opportunities in the field of education. It also will open up avenues to senior management positions. You can undertake research to improve educational practices and standards or offer support to learners of different ages. You can also turn into an effective mentor and coach. 

After completing the masters degree program, you could also opt to pursue doctoral research, depending on your interest and expertise.

Find a Masters In Education

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