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Posted June 11, 2014

5 Free Postgrad Ideas for Summer Fun

Looking for some great things to do over summer, but have no money? All the ideas listed below shouldn't cost you anything (well, unless you're living in a cardboard box, in which case you may need to buy a few things!) Just make sure you've got a bunch of equally broke friends to do them with - after all, everything is more fun when done with others, right?

Movie Marathon It sounds like a terrible idea at first, but mention it and then mention watching the “Back to the Future” trilogy, “Star Wars” movies or the first three “Indiana Jones” movies. If you're ambitious, try a Hellraiser marathon and see how many of the eight you and your friends can get through over just one weekend. Or the Lord of the Rings Extended Editions. Sure, it might not be conventional 'summer' fun, but in Britain it rains 25 hours a day, so there is always time for a movie marathon. Plus, watching movies you already own will save you money.

Guerilla Gardening This is an activity where you find a place that is a little derelict but still public property and you clean it up, garden it, plant things and make it all nice. You can plant whatever you like and then get to see it grow as time goes by. Ideally, you want to do it in your general location so that you can see the fruits of your labours. If you want to be surprised by what grows then steal a little birdseed from your grandma’s house and plant it just deep enough to keep it away from wild birds.

Try Museums and Galleries Most museums and art galleries don't charge money to enter, and they have a ton of free events planned for school holidays. If you go with your friends then you may end up having quite a bit of fun. There are often giggles to be had at the ridiculously sized codpieces, and there's nothing quite like giving the very serious paintings comedy voiceovers. And let's face it, the craft activities may be aimed at five year olds - but there's no maximum age limit!

Open Gardens, Parks, Fields and Forests On a hot and sunny day they can be a nice treat. After all, they're free and you can go with friends. We advise taking along a picnic (including any leftover alcohol from term, of course) and some games. Not sure what sort of thing to take? Just think back to school sports days, and enjoy humilating each other. If any of you are lucky enough to own a pet, why not take them along - they often illicit a few giggles when they get up to no good.

Go Trawling For a Date Do this with a friend, in fact, do it with as many friends as you can find. The more of you there are then the more of an event it becomes. Plus, if a group of you find a group of people with the same idea, then you may all find yourselves having fun together. Try not to do this on your own, or you will end up being the weirdo that stalks the corridors looking for a date. There are often plenty of single people in university, so you should have little trouble finding people to go on a date hunt with you. Just remember - it's one date, not a serious thing, so relax, have fun and don't be too intense.


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