5 Reasons To Study Your PG Program In Ireland

The Republic of Ireland has some excellent universities offering a fantastic selection of postgraduate programs.

It is also a beautiful country with stunning scenery and cosmopolitan cities, meaning there are plenty of great reasons why international and home students choose Ireland for their postgraduate studies.

Here we outline five reasons to study your postgrad program in Ireland, in no particular order. 

English Language 

If improving your English is one of your postgraduate study objectives, choosing to do a masters program in Ireland is a great idea. Although Ireland has two official languages – Irish and English – everyone speaks English and it is, in most areas, the language of business and learning. All school students in Ireland study the Irish language until the end of secondary school, but it is only required to access courses where you are learning to teach children or in the study of Irish language and culture, like this one at the University College Cork. The shared language with the UK means that if you are a student from the UK, you'll find that plenty of culture and media crosses the Irish Sea, so in many ways it’s not dissimilar to studying in the UK.

Friendly Culture 

Irish people are known the world over for their friendly and open manner. If you walk into a lecture or tutorial with a smile on your face and looking forward to a chat, then you'll not be disappointed. Go into any pub in Ireland and you'll find yourself making new friends with a host of new tales to tell. Ireland is a serious tourist destination – especially the vibrant city of Dublin – and if you go touring around the country you'll receive a friendly welcome at any hotel or tearoom you find. Like all people around the world, Irish people are pleased to answer enquiries about their culture, so go out and make some new friends. 

Excellent Educational Reputation 

The Republic of Ireland has 14 Institutes of Technology, seven universities and seven Colleges of Education that all offer postgraduate qualifications. Out of these institutions, nine regularly rank within the best institutions in the world according to the Times Higher Education Rankings

Competitive, Well Regarded Qualifications 

Access to both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Ireland is competitive. If you've gained entry into one of the courses, then you'll know you'll have an excellent well-respected qualification at the end of the course. In particular, Medical and Pharmaceutical courses are often heavily oversubscribed as Ireland has a large pharmaceutical industry. Courses tend to be directly translatable into the UK education system and often, in the case of professional qualifications, they may also qualify you for both UK and Irish professional bodies. 

Easy Transportation Links 

Dublin and Cork airports in Ireland both offer access to the majority of international destinations, so if you are an overseas student getting home shouldn’t pose a problem. There are easy links back to the UK and getting to other travel hubs, such as London, is straightforward. Travelling around Ireland, especially if you have a car, is also simple, with a new network of motorways covering the country. 

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