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Tips for settling in: Sports and Societies

Sports and university societies are fun aspects of your university that are fundamental to postgraduate life and are a great way of becoming closely involved with your university and settling in properly. Staying involved can sometimes be a problem for postgraduate students due to the fact that their degree consists of a lot of self study and a large amount of self study can, on some occasions, leave postgraduates feeling a little disconnected from university life. This can often have a negative effect on the overall postgraduate experience, so joining in with some sports and societies is a great way to prevent this from happening.


Are Sports and Societies Just For Undergraduates?

A common perception is that university sports and societies are things that are exclusive to undergraduate students. This is because during their Freshers’ week they are the main targets of all the sports and societies and postgraduate students tend to get a little neglected. However many sports and societies at UK universities, are actually crying out for greater postgraduate involvement. Some universities will actually have certain sports and societies that are completely dedicated to postgraduate students. So, don’t let the perception of sports and societies being just for undergraduates put you off, joining a sport team or a society could really make a difference to your time at university and will ensure you are an active member of the university that you attend. Postgraduate Sports and Societies

Benefit From The Wide Variety Of Sports & Societies

Different universities have different focuses on their sports and societies. Some universities really push these social activities, whilst others take a more laid back approach. But even if a university doesn’t actively push their sports and societies it doesn’t mean that they aren’t important and wherever you are studying there will be a wide variety of sports and societies that you can sign up for. Whatever you are interested in you will probably be able to find a sport or society for it. For example if you want to learn creative writing there will be societies for that, if you have a real passion for wine you will probably be able to find a wine tasting society, there will also be some more unusual or eccentric societies that you may wish to try out, and there will always be a wide variety of sports teams that you could join.

Joining sports or societies as a postgraduate is a brilliant way to connect with like-minded people and could really enrich your experience as a postgraduate. Always remember that you don’t have to just join sports and societies that only relate to your postgraduate degree. You have complete freedom in choosing to join anything that interests you. You never know how joining a sport or society could indirectly aid your degree by helping you learn something such as a new skill that could really help you out.

How Do I Find Out About Them?

Discovering what sports and societies a university has to offer isn’t a hard task. There will usually be some sort of fair at the beginning of the academic year where you can find out what your university has to offer. Make sure you find out when this is taking place and head there to take a look at things you may be interested in. Don’t worry if you are starting your postgraduate at the start of the actual year, for example in January, as it is just as easy to get involved. You will just have to ask around and look at your universities website or the student unions website to find out what sports and societies there are. Most societies will not have a problem with joining them a little late.

In conclusion...

Joining sports and societies as a postgraduate is a brilliant thing to do. It can really help to enrich your experience as a postgraduate student, help you learn new skills, develop new interests and help you to stay involved. They really are a good addition to your life as a postgraduate student and will enhance your time at the university.

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