10 Things To Do If You’re A Postgrad In Bournemouth

PG Blog Bournemouth If you’re planning on doing your postgrad studies in Bournemouth we have our pick of the best activities to do in this stunning seaside spot when you’re not studying. And don’t forget that if you’re still looking for your postgrad accommodation in Bournemouth, our accommodation partner Fresh Student Living has some great student living options in the heart of this great student town.

1. The Beach Let’s be honest, it’s the main reason that you decided to study in Bournemouth. Voted the fourth best in Europe above all Greek, French and Italian beaches, Bournemouth’s beach is seven miles of golden sand, perfect for getting a break from uni work in the approximately four days of sunshine that make up a British summer.

2. Surfing & Watersports If you’re the kind of student who was drawn to the coast, you are probably looking for somewhere good to surf, dive or any other activities involving water and a board and/or flippers. After installing an artificial surf reef in 2011, Bournemouth now gets double the number of good surf days, as well as offering options for diving and kite/wind surfing.

3. Gigs Although the Pavilion Theatre and Windsor Hall feature the same kind of jukebox musicals and stand-up comedy schlock you get touring in every city over a certain size, the Pyramids Plaza has become a must-stop for every new and exciting band in the indie scene. If you’ve heard them on Radio 1 over the last few months, chances are they’ll be stopping by soon.

4. The Balloon Every city has that one cheesy tourist attraction that though you may roll your eyes at it every one needs to go on at least once. In Bournemouth it is the tethered hot air balloon, perfect for getting a balloons-eye view of the city and its surrounding Jurassic Coast. Speaking of which… 5. The Coastline One of the country’s most beautiful sights, Bournemouth’s section of the Jurassic coast has been 180 million years in the making. Rent a bike and make a day of it (being very careful – the area is known for its sudden erosion) or take a walk if you want to get away from it all.

6. Nightlife Bournemouth is a happy medium when it comes to clubbing. There’s enough clubs that you don’t have to go to the same place every weekend, but not too many that you can’t guarantee you’ll meet anyone else on a night out. Clubs like Cameo and Lola Lo have special students night, and there’s always Walkabout if you love cheap drinks and don’t mind lowering your standards to get them.

7. Poole Although it is Bournemouth University by name, the largest campus (Talbot) is actually in nearby Poole. If you are/are looking to be a student there, you’ll be pleased to know Poole has plenty of its own attractions, activities and, perhaps most importantly of all, its own beaches and watersports. Plus, it’s only 15 minutes away from Bournemouth by train.

8. Shopping Bournemouth’s main shopping quarter is pedestrianised, making it perfect for a little aimless window-shopping in a combination of name brands and local boutiques. Plus, The Square complex has lovely al fresco seating with beach views, and for coffees and people watching it’s a fairly ideal location.

9. Russell-Cotes Museum Being on the beach in the sunshine is all very well and good, but what are you going to do for the approximately 361 days when the sun is not shining? You could do a lot worse than taking in some culture at Bournemouth’s main museum and art gallery, the Russell-Cotes, which is set amongst a beautiful house and gardens.

10. Studland Bournemouth’s beaches: so good we mentioned them twice. A ferry ride away is Studland, a National Trust-owned expanse of beaches slightly off the beaten track for when you do not fancy battling the crowds. It also has a nudist beach if you feel brave enough to brave English weather in nothing but a smile….

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