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Aberystwyth University: War, Strategy and Intelligence (Specialist)

Institution Aberystwyth University View institution profile
Department Department of International Politics
Study type Taught


The MA War, Strategy and Intelligence degree at Aberystwyth University will provide you with the necessary conceptual and empirical tools and knowledge to understand, debate and critique the interconnected phenomena of War, Strategy and Intelligence.

The question of war has been at the heart of the human experience since the beginning of political communities and remains an enduring feature of the international system. Understanding the causes and consequences of war is a complex task that requires an interdisciplinary approach. Throughout the course, you will engage with a diversity of fields from the social sciences and humanities to understand the phenomenon of war and the perennial quest for security that characterises international relations. As you explore fields such as military history, security, intelligence, strategic studies, and international relations, you will develop the knowledge and analytical instruments needed to understand the concepts of war and warfare, the various strategies used to wage it and the intelligence apparatuses that inform those strategies.

From Sun Tzu to ‘Shock ‘n’ Awe’ this degree develops your conceptual and empirical understanding of the use of force in international relations. In the 21st century, with the initial post-Cold War hopes for a ‘New World Order’ having faded, fears of major regional and even global wars are growing. This degree examines the most pressing strategic issues facing the world today and analyses the evolving nature of war and conflict from traditional great power competition to modern forms of hybrid warfare. Renewed friction between Russia and the West, escalating tensions in the Middle East and South Asia, growing Chinese military assertiveness, and ongoing intra-state violent conflicts around the world demonstrate the continuing need for an in-depth and critical understanding of the dynamics of war, strategy and intelligence.



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The University and Town 

Established in 1972, Aberystwyth University has a global reputation for teaching excellence and ground-breaking research. The University offers a range of research and taught postgraduate programmes, with students from across the world choosing to study here. 

Aberystwyth is a cosmopolitan market town nestled between the mountains and the sea. The University’s scenic location (part of the UNESCO Dyfi Biosphere) provides a beautiful place to explore and unwind in-between studying.  

Aberystwyth has a welcoming and modern community with a vibrant social life and culture, which has earned …

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