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The Dartington Hall Trust: Holistic Science

Institution The Dartington Hall Trust
Department Schumacher College
Telephone 01803 847220
Study type Taught


The modern world owes everything to science. The revolution in thought and method that began in the seventeenth century unleashed not just marvels in technology, medicine and communication but a whole new way of seeing the world. It marked a radical break with the past. But it came at a cost. The same revolution that gave us satellites, penicillin, artificial intelligence and the internet has also propelled us into a climate emergency, the sixth mass extinction event, a crisis that threatens civilisation itself. It has disenchanted the world, leaving us in a universe that has been richly described but stripped of meaning. It has given us facts but few values. The Masters in Holistic Science asks whether there is a different way to do science. It questions reductionism (the method of explaining things by breaking them into their constituent parts) and explores holism, the notion that true understanding can only be found by considering the whole. Using the rigorous methods proposed by Goethe, the German Romantic era writer and scientist, Holistic Science challenges the supposed objectivity of mainstream science and proposes instead a more participatory or engaged approach to the world. By studying Gaia theory, Chaos theory, complexity science, emergence, process philosophy and panpsychism, it wonders whether science must necessarily lead to a sterile kind of materialist atheism. It asks if there is still room for spirituality in a world that has been fundamentally explained. Above all, through an appreciation of qualities as well as quantities, Holistic Science seeks to answer the most fundamental riddle of them all: how it is that there are minds capable of wondering at this astonishing universe.

Our Graduates typically leave to work in: Higher education Research: at doctoral level and beyond NGOs: especially those tackling climate emergency Permaculture: the application of holistic thought to land management and community Economics: analysing how markets responds to various stressors Design: finding solutions to complex problems Business and healthcare: from start-ups to consultancy.


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