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Useful European Websites


Now that you have decided you want to study in Europe your first port of call should be our study destinations section to find out more about the different countries in Europe. To further supplement this essential information we have a roundup of some of the more helpful websites for students choosing to live and study in Europe. 

Your Europe

Scholars 4 Development

Useful European websites

Studying in Austria

Living & Working In Austria

Austrian National Student Union

Scholarship database

General Info  

Studying in Belgium

Living/general info

Finance (Fullbright)

General info

Study in Europe Studying in the Czech Republic

General info



Studying in Denmark


Disabled students in Denmark  

Studying in Finland

General education details  

Studying in France

Living/general info


Studying in Germany

Living/general info  


Study in Europe Studying in Holland

Living/General info

Studying in Hungary

Students in Hungary

Studying in Ireland

International students in Ireland

Studying in Italy

Uni-Italia – Study in Italy

Study in Italy

Studying in Lithuania

Living in Lithuania

Studying in Norway

Living in Norway

Students with disabilites

Studying in Poland


Studying in Russia

Study in Russia

Studying in Spain

Living/general info

Study in Spain 

Studying in Sweden

General info

Students with disabilities

Studying in Switzerland

Living/general info

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