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10 Great European Universities For Online Study

Online Europe UniversitiesIf online or distance learning is a way of postgraduate study that appeals to you, then you need to know which universities have an excellent reputation both nationally and internationally to narrow down your options. In many ways the location of the university is irrelevant if you are choosing to study your postgraduate program online, as chances are you won’t ever have to visit the campus. But do check the details of your online program before committing, as some of them will include a week or two weeks of on site tutorials. However it is always good to opt for a European university that appeals to you and that is highly regarded by others too, as the university may have good links to an industry that you ultimately want to work in and gaining your qualification in a specific country could facilitate a desired move to that country.

Currently, few universities in non-English speaking countries in Europe offer postgraduate programs online that are taught in the English language, however here is a selection of some of the best universities to choose from in the UK and Europe for your online postgraduate studies*. Also, if you want to participate in online courses at these universities some of them also participate in the MOOCs system teaching in English.


University of Oxford – England

The University of Oxford offers a range of postgraduate courses through its Department of Continuing Education. With both taught and research postgraduate courses available in a range of subject areas including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Translational Health Sciences, and English Local History from the Postgraduate Certificate level to Masters by Research. Online distance learning students don’t need to be a member of a college in the manner of on-campus students unlike other college-based universities in the UK.

University College London – England

Online postgraduate courses at UCL are aimed at working professionals in Medicine and Education in both taught and research formats. Masters courses include topics such as Health Professions Education, Pain Management and the only Paediatric Dentistry course available online in the world.

University of Edinburgh – Scotland

The University of Edinburgh offers a large array of postgraduate courses by online distance learning. Many courses are designed to fit around students’ work or other responsibilities and often take three years to complete part time. Topics include Law, Food Medicine, and Scottish Culture and Heritage.

Delft University of Technology – The Netherlands

The School of Engineering at the Delft University of Technology offer postgraduate training online in English. Topics available for study include Railway Engineering, Sustainable Urban Freight Transport, and Solar Energy.

Trinity College Dublin – Ireland

There is a collection of postgraduate courses all available for study online at Trinity College Dublin, most result in a Postgraduate Certificate, but there are a couple of full masters courses. All of the courses have a medical or social work emphasis including topics such as Dementia Care, Child Protection and Welfare, and Advanced Radiotherapy.

Freie Universitat Berlin – Germany

Although this German university does not offer a huge number of postgraduate courses in English, they do have an online International Relations course that is a blended learning course online. This means that there are small sections where you will have to attend in Berlin, but the course is conducted in English.

University of Nicosia – Cyprus

This Cypriot university offers online masters programs taught in English in a variety of topics including Law, Business Administration and Education. The University of Nicosia is a private university and its Education department is particularly well respected internationally.

Wageningen University & Research  – The Netherlands

The Dutch-based Wageningen University & Research has a selection of masters programs taught in English that offer non-EU students a 50% discount from the tuition fees paid by non-EU students based on-campus. The topics available at Wageningen University for postgraduate study are in Nutritional Epidemiology, Plant Breeding and Food Technology.

Swiss School of Business & Management – Switzerland

There are a couple of courses from the Swiss School of Business & Management that are both online and taught in English, each with a different approach or focus on Business Administrations. Specialisations include topics such as Tax Management, Entrepreneurship, Cybersecurity Management, and Human Resources Management.

International Telematic University – Italy

The International Telematic University was an early supporter of the MOOCs system and has a wide range of online courses available in English. For postgraduate study, there are courses in Engineering, Business Administration, History, and Journalism all offered in English.

Online PG courses on offer

Let’s take a look at how many online postgraduate courses taught in English these European universities have to offer.

European Online Courses

*Sources: 1 & universites’ websites


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