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Online PgDipA PgDip is a Postgraduate Diploma and it can become a masters qualification with the addition of a thesis. Outside of the UK it can also be known as a Graduate Diploma. For students who do not have a high enough grade in their undergraduate degree to gain entry to the full masters program, a PgDip is a good way to start a postgraduate course and if they get good enough marks and prove themselves during the course they can then upgrade to the full masters program.

PgDip subject areas

A wide variety of subject areas can be studied at PgDip level, however do consider carefully if a PgDip will help your career as not all industries are familiar with it as a qualification. However there are some fields where it is a common qualification such as in Medicine and Education. In fact there are many medical related PgDips such as the Graduate Diploma in Clinical Ultrasound at the University of Melbourne or the PgDip in Diabetes Care at Cardiff University. Other interesting PgDip options include an online PgDip in Data Analytics at the University of Glasgow and the University of Essex’s online PgDip in Education. Athabasca University in Canada has a Graduate Diploma in Heritage Resource Management and the University of Nottingham offers an online PgDip in Brewing Science, which is a great option for CPD for those in the brewing industry.


Tuition fees of online PgDip programs

The tuition fees for a PgDip program will vary according to the university and the subject being studied. Here is a table illustrating the costs of various online Postgraduate Diplomas taught out of universities from around the world.

Online PgDip Tuition Fees

Duration of a PgDip program

The length of time it takes to study a Postgraduate Diploma depends on the subject matter and if a postgraduate student is studying on a full-time or part-time basis. Most online PgDip courses are aimed at students who are studying part time and that means they usually take 16 months or so to complete. However, PgDip courses can take anywhere from two years to five years to complete.

Countries that offer PgDip programs

A PgDip is not a universal qualification and a full masters degree is a much more common postgraduate qualification around the world. PgDips are most common in the UK and Australia, they are also found in Canada, but to a lesser extent. In the United States postgraduate students do not study anything less than a full masters qualifications and this is a reflection of the small differences in postgraduate education between nations. However, this doesn't mean that they are not worth studying as in the UK and Australia they are definitely a useful qualification to gain. If you do not need the research skills or practice or think that the taught element is enough to help your career, then a PgDip could be a good option for you. Online PgDips are also a great choice for professionals looking for certified Continuing Professional Development (CPD) or professionals looking to train in further related fields whilst maintaining the ability to continue working in their chosen profession.

Universities offering online PgDip programs

Many taught online masters programs taught out of UK universities will have a PgDip as an option rather than completing the full masters. This means that most of the universities with a large selection of online taught postgraduate programs will probably offer an equally wide range of similar online PgDip courses. For example in the UK many high ranking universities offer online PgDip courses, including The University of Edinburgh, Cardiff University, University of Essex, University of Glasgow, University of Manchester and the University of Nottingham. Meanwhile the University of Melbourne in Australia and Athabasca University in Canada both have options for online Graduate Diplomas.


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