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King Abdullah University of Science and Technology



Established in 2009, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is an award-winning graduate-level research university located on the shores of the red sea in Saudi Arabia. Ranked 1st in the world in the A3 ‘20 under 20’, and 1st in the world in the Qs ‘citations per faculty’ consecutively, KAUST is quickly establishing itself as a key destination for scientific and technological education and research.

KAUST is dedicated to advancing science and technology through interdisciplinary research, education and innovation and focuses on curiosity-driven and goal-oriented research is conducted by students, faculty, scientists and engineers to address the world’s pressing scientific and technological challenges related to food, water, energy and the environment through our 3 academic divisions:

Whether you are a student researching in the depths of the ocean, working on technological advances in sensors or combustion with our partner McLaren’s Formula 1 car, conducting your research with our own Shaheen II Cray XC40 Supercomputer or anything between - KAUST has and provides everything you need to focus on your studies and succeed, including being a strong supporter of entrepreneurs.

The KAUST Fellowship
KAUST offers a complete scholarship to ALL our admitted students that covers:

  • Full tuition
  • Accommodation and utilities
  • Private medical and dental insurance
  • Travel/relocation expenses
  •  A generous monthly stipend

Life at KAUST
Within its private, 39 square kilometer compound, KAUST provides our diverse community members–each individual and family– with the best services and facilities to make their lives at KAUST an enjoyable experience. We are passionate about helping everyone find their sense of place and belonging and we build and nurture a culture of community by providing access to services and resources that bring value to the lives of residents, and by helping residents explore personal interests that connect them to their neighbors and the environment.

From access to a variety of food (Over 30 eateries) and retail spaces, health and fitness facilities, recreational activities, and easy access to transportation both within the community and to Jeddah, our community benefits from a wide variety of services.

One of the most popular questions that prospective students, employees and their families ask is what's it like to live at KAUST.  Living in a community of 7,000 residents from more than 100 countries is simply amazing!

Community Services
As a secure, private institution KAUST offers the community all the services that are available in a typical city, all located within a few minutes of your home. KAUST community offers residents:

Exceptional international standard curriculum (IB) schools up to completion of high school and daycare facilities.

An extensive on-campus health clinic and emergency room that partners with Jeddah hospitals.

Multiple retailers including: grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, clothing, beauty salon and barbershop, travel agency, IT store, gift boutique, courier service, petrol station, postal shop.

A host of private recreation facilities only available to ‘KAUSTians’ including private beaches, swimming pools, indoor and outdoor racquet sports courts, fitness rooms, sports arenas and playing pitches, stadium, driving range and golf course, playgrounds, climbing wall, libraries, theater, diving center, sailing club, dance studio and more.

Transport is also taken care of with free buses shuttle residents throughout the community and to nearby major cities.

KAUST International Office


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