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Business Careers For Postgraduate Students 

Business Careers for Postgraduate Students Career opportunities for business postgraduate students have regained a level of exuberance which hasn't been seen since the global financial crisis. Traditionally a large percentage of business students who complete an MBA program have gone on to either consulting or financial services. While financial service companies have not returned to their pre GFC (Global Financial Crisis) hiring levels, this has been more than compensated by increased opportunities in a number of other fields such as energy, e-commerce, technology, healthcare and luxury goods. In fact postgraduate opportunities in a diverse range of fields is greater than ever before.

Entering an MBA program opens this range of opportunities, as it is still one of the most recognized and prestigious qualifications that a person can earn. Having an MBA can accelerate upward progression through an organization as well opening up doors in completely different industries. Having an MBA allows people to enter prestigious organizations like Mckinsey & Company, Goldman Sachs and Google, which may otherwise be impossible to enter. The recognition of the qualification is not the only positive effect having an MBA can have on a graduate’s career. While studying for an MBA the student will be surrounded by classmates who will in many cases go onto positions as leaders in industry and finance. MBA programs demand teamwork and this often leads to life-long friendships. The network that an MBA graduate has access to after leaving business school can be invaluable. This allows MBA graduates to get the inside edge on job opportunities that the general public may never know about.

Below you can learn more about the types of careers that business graduates go onto after business school.


One of the most common careers for business postgraduate students is working in consulting. Consultants helps businesses to create value, accelerate growth and help with other issues the company might be facing. Consults bring to the organization specialized skills and expertise, as well as an objective viewpoint, that the business may otherwise lack. Consultants are typically very well paid and work for organizations such as McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group and Bain & Company.

Financial Services

Financial services is still one of the major career paths of graduates with postgraduate business qualifications. Obtaining an MBA is still seen as one of the best paths to becoming a highly paid investment banker, trader or venture capitalist. Business school graduates often enter financial planning as well, helping to direct individuals and families on how to protect and grow their wealth. While financial services may have lost some of its luster following the GFC it is still one of best paid career options available.


Many creative minded business graduates are attracted to working in marketing. Holding an MBA or similar postgraduate qualification can qualify you for a role as either a marketing manager or a marketing analyst. The average salary for MBAs in these roles is over six figures making it a lucrative as well as interesting career choice.


Technology is becoming an increasingly larger employer of business school students. In fact in a recent survey of MBAs, Google was the company that students said that they would most like to work for after graduating. Many technology companies are also flush with cash thanks to the latest internet boom and hiring business graduates to help them expand and manage their operations.

Business Careers


The healthcare industry already employs many business school graduates and that number is only likely to increase. A massive wave of baby boomers is reaching retirement age and that means huge opportunities for the healthcare industry.


Many business graduates decide to skip the career ladder and go right to the top. They start their own business using the skills that they have learned during their postgraduate studies. While it isn't necessary to go to business school to start a company, it certainly can help. While attending business school many would-be entrepreneurs develop a network that can be invaluable later on. This can make it easier to be introduced to the right people for start up capital, strategic partnerships and advice.


While a Wall Street banker might be the typical image of an MBA graduate, you are equally likely to find business graduates at the highest levels of government. For example the current president of France, François Hollande and previous prime minister Edith Cresson are both graduates of HEC Paris, France’s most prestigious business school. Governments and the civil service are increasingly looking for the analytical and problem solving orientated skills that business schools produce. While MBA graduates can offer command higher salaries in the private sector, many enjoy the prestige, the access to power, and the ability to make a difference that working in government can bring.

These are just a few of the career opportunities available to those who have completed a postgraduate business program. 


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