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Posted July 29, 2021

Why should you study a PG course as an international student?

International postgraduate studentStudying a masters degree after you have completed your undergraduate studies is a great way to further improve your knowledge on a particular area of interest, and is also likely to provide more work opportunities too.

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Pursuing a masters program is one of the most enjoyable and exciting journeys in life, and this is especially true if you decide to study your postgraduate course abroad. The benefits of finishing your masters overseas are immeasurable, offering both an excellent chance for academic improvement as well as providing the invaluable opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture and meet and network with people from all over the world.

So let’s take a look at seven reasons why you should study a postgraduate course as an international student.

1. Learn new language

Living in another country is the best way to learn the language of that particular country. If you come to the UK to study your PG program you will have already had to prove your English language proficiency through a recognised language test such as IELTs or TOEFL, but living and studying in the UK as an international student will further improve your language skills ensuring it becomes very much your second language. And if you opt to do your postgraduate studies in another country you may still be learning in English as so many institutes in Europe and worldwide teach in English. This means that whilst you are studying your masters you will be developing your language skills and then, outside of the classroom, you will gain the knowledge and understanding of yet another foreign language. When you convey ideas in a language that is unfamiliar to you, it is always a big challenge, however by taking on this challenge you will soon be proficient in one or even two languages.

2. Explore different cultures

Before completing university and heading abroad to pursue your masters degree, you may start worrying about missing your friends, being lost in a new place, or even getting homesick. Although these are all valid concerns, these worries will soon dispel once you get to your new country. Studying your postgraduate program abroad will help you become more independent and give you vital life and communication skills. Miles away from home, you’ll soon adapt and realise the importance of adventure and spontaneity, and by trying new things and experiencing new cultures you will increase your worldviews. You will gain extensive understanding of global economic, socio-demographic, and political trends. In fact the experience could also help you with gaining business expertise and knowledge, which could be ideal if this is the area of study or career that you are interested in.

3. Expanding your network

Studying abroad with people from different parts of the world who have the same interests and inclinations as you will enable you to create a global network of friends and associates. In the future these contacts might be able to help you advance your career anywhere in the world. Overseas postgraduate study is one of the best ways to meet people on the same wavelength as you to help boost your societal group. You will come across a diverse variety of people who will become your future classmates, friends and even colleagues. Joining an international scholars network like AIESEC will help you make the most of this opportunity helping to improve your socialising and networking chances when pursuing your masters.

4. Boost your CV

Intercontinental education and knowledge can really enhance your CV and help it to stand out from the others. By gaining a postgraduate qualification at an international institution your resume will catch the eye of prestigious corporations, demonstrating that you have a high level of flexibility and are experienced in dealing with challenging situations. The skillset gained by putting yourself in a foreign place will catapult you ahead of other interviewees, globalising your CV shows that you are adventurous and adaptable. Plus, selecting to study your masters abroad will give you access to value-centered programs and internships at institutions that you may have found previously beyond your reach. It can provide you with a gateway to outstanding amenities like technology, labs, workstations, and libraries.

5. Independency

Studying your masters degree overseas will bring you a brand-new feeling of liberation that will continue throughout the rest of your life. By studying in a foreign country, you will become responsible for your schooling expenditures and will become much more responsible for your own actions and decisions. Staying in a foreign country will bring about new encounters everyday, and things that may be easy at home might seem much more difficult in a far-off land. The independency you display by moving and studying overseas will enable you to gain more control of your life and establish self-dependency.

6. Diverse teaching style

Teaching styles are not the same in the world and it is an invaluable adventure to head to an institution overseas and experience a whole new way of teaching. By pursuing your masters abroad you can become familiar with a new system of education, and get an opportunity to face different method of schooling. For example the American law schools and universities often employ the Socratic method. Learning abroad will enhance your experiences and enable you to attain a more profound perception of education in general.

7. Job opportunities

The procedure of job hunting can be competitive and very tough, particularly for a new graduate with zero experience. Convincing a corporation you are the best candidate for the role can be tricky – and this is where studying abroad can come into its own. Career opportunities away from your native land are amplified, particularly if related to a prestigious overseas university for example via an internship or placement. Studying your masters abroad will enable you to develop various networks and create connections that could lead to overseas career opportunities and internships. Many go-getting young specialists also look for freelancing, part-time work while studying or undertaking internships, thus providing their careers with a good start while still chasing the masters degree. In addition to this, studying abroad can provide so many opportunities, advantages and job openings in the new country. Plus, when you finish your masters abroad and return to your home country, you will come back with new skillsets of language, cultural knowledge and an enthusiasm to learn. These abilities are extremely attractive to future bosses.

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