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Posted April 25, 2023

Top 5 masters programs for journalism in the UK

Top 5 masters degrees in journalismThe UK offers the most comprehensive range of academic excellence and high-quality teaching.

Journalism masters programs allow students to learn and discover new things with hands-on training and fieldwork, experience new things and meet a whole range of people – with the ultimate goal of becoming a journalist.

Students from all over the world choose the UK for their higher education, but finding the best college or university for journalism can be challenging for an international student in the UK. Doing a thorough analysis of your options will make it a lot easier to decide where to go for your postgraduate studies.

In this blog we have details of some of the top UK universities offering a masters degree in journalism.

MA in Journalism at City, University of London 

The MA in Journalism at City is considered one of the best journalism programs in the UK, providing students with in-depth knowledge of various forms of journalism, media law and ethics. City, University of London offers flexible undergraduate and postgraduate journalism courses, including Broadcast Journalism, Investigative Journalism, Sports Journalism and Science Journalism. This flexibility allows students to tailor their degrees according to their interests. It is located in the heart of London which puts students close to various media outlets, such as the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), The Times, The Guardian, and many more. Being in London can offer excellent opportunities for students to expand their networks and gain practical experience.

Students can find ideal student housing in London.

MSc in Media and Communications at London School of Economics and Political Science

This program provides a comprehensive understanding of media and communication, focusing on contemporary issues such as digital media, globalisation and the impact of the media on society. LSE is one of the most prestigious universities in the world and is renowned for its social science and political science courses. Studying journalism at LSE can enhance your credibility and prestige in the field. London is a global hub of media and journalism, making it an ideal location to study the subject. LSE’s site in the heart of London provides students access to media organisations, events and internships that can help them build their careers in journalism. 

MA in International Journalism at Cardiff University

This journalism program is designed for students interested in working in international news and covers topics such as media law, ethics, writing, reporting and broadcasting. The School of Journalism, Media and Culture at Cardiff University has strong connections with the media industry and regularly invites guest speakers, providing opportunities for students to work with media organisations. Plus, it provides comprehensive student support, including personal tutors, skills workshops and academic advice. Studying journalism at Cardiff University can boost your career prospects, as employers highly value graduates in the media industry.

This student accommodation in Cardiff is suitable for international students who want to explore the city and live in a safe environment for students.

MA in Journalism and Media Studies at the University of Sussex 

The University of Sussex offers its journalism students the chance to gain practical work experience through internships and industry collaborations and it can be invaluable for students hoping to enter the competitive field of journalism. With the shift towards digital media, the University of Sussex's journalism program strongly emphasises digital journalism and trains students on the latest tools and techniques in media and technology. The MA in Journalism and Media Studies will help students significantly impact their careers.

MA in Journalism at Goldsmiths, University of London

This masters degree provides students with in-depth skills and knowledge to investigate and report on complex issues across various platforms, including print, TV and online media. It also covers legal and ethical issues in investigative journalism. The MA in Journalism at Goldsmiths is a practical, hands-on course that combines critical thinking, analysis and research skills to produce influential investigative journalists. Goldsmiths, University of London, is one of the UK's top universities for journalism with a strong track record of delivering successful journalists who excel in investigative journalism. The course brings together students from different parts of the world, exposing them to different cultural perspectives and approaches to investigative reporting. Students have opportunities to develop and refine their professional skills, including digital storytelling, data journalism and multimedia production.

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