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Posted Feb. 21, 2014

Preparing For Your Postgrad Resits

Taking resits is never an easy thing to do. The consciousness of being perceived as a 'failure' or inadequate often hangs like a shadow over the shoulder of students. Motivation levels can also be difficult to maintain, knowing that the same things need to be studied again.

No one need despair, though, if they are faced with the prospect of having to do resits. The resits give students the opportunity to put things right, and to take responsibility for their learning. The original 'failure' needs to be put to the back of the mind, and the new challenge embraced.

Many of the challenges faced by students in this situation are the same as those that they faced in their original exams . There is one significant difference, however. This time, they should be well aware of which areas they are weak in, and focus their revision accordingly.

The situation also provides an opportunity for a sensible and frank discussion with the student's Adviser of Studies, or equivalent at their place of study. This person can be a very useful source of advice, as well as reassurance, at what is a testing time for anyone. Students can also request to see their examination paper, in the vast majority of cases, to see where they went wrong. They can also read feedback from their examiner, which will provide the key points on a route map to future success.

It is really important that students facing resits do seek additional advice. While many people may well believe that they know exactly where they went wrong, and where they now need to really put the effort in, a different perspective on matters is really useful. Confidence in your ability is one thing, but it often requires a second pair of eyes to really see where the issues lie.

Many students may not seek help due to it being summer, the assumption being that all the staff will be away on holiday. While some staff will go away for periods of time, they are unlikely to be away for the whole summer. Students should check all their course documentation to see which alternative personnel are available; there is always someone there who can offer help.

The temptation is also usually strong for students to simply retreat into a comfort zone, repeating all the revision and preparation processes that they used originally. This is likely to end in the same result, so should be avoided. Honesty with yourself is always the best policy; look with clear eyes at what went wrong, and find strategies which will improve your chances of success .

In conclusion, it should always be remembered that a resit is a chance to put things right, a real opportunity to put your studies back on track. Whatever the reasons for not passing the original exams, it is a challenge which should be embraced with a positive mindset. Resits do not prevent you from making a success of your post-graduate studies. They may even make you a stronger student in the end.

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